Emma Luchini, the anti-daddy's girl

Meeting with Emma Luchini, a young yet gifted director

Emma Luchini is the true embodiment of the parisian gal, with the cool attitude and natural charm. Despite her father's reluctance, Emma went into directing, and since she won a Cesar award in the category "best short movie" in 2015, no one would dare to say she was wrong.

"Un début prometteur" (understand "a promising start"), her new movie in which she directs her father Fabrice Luchini, and French sensation Manu Payet, is the story of a thirty-something man who doesn't believe in love but might change his mind when he meets his little brother's new girlfriend.

A touching, funny and yet very singular movie based on a book by French writer Nicolas Rey.

the story behind the movie

I had a big crush for Nicolas Rey’s book (her ex-boyfriend) "Un début Prometteur" which I immediately wanted to adapt...

The pitch? Martin, a successful yet totally jaded man, who no longer believes in anything (especially not love), has just come out of rehab and goes back home to his father, played by Fabrice Luchini, on the eve of his divorce.

There, he reunites his younger 16-year-old brother, who is his total opposite: impetuous, daring, impatient, full of illusions... and in love!

The object of desire is Mathilde, a gal with a sparkling personality, leading the two brothers to confront their vision of love, and also change Martin’s point of view.

Manu Payet, an unusual choice

Portrait of Manu Payet

Picture credit : © Facebook Manu Payet Officiel

I was actively searching for someone to interpret the role of Martin that oscillates between comedy and tragedy. Well known for his roles of pure comedy, it was little more difficult to imagine Manu in a totally borderline role.

But he has managed to truly incarnate both facets: on the one side, the heaviness of a man that has abandoned hope and a certain type of lightness, desperate politeness that conveys a strong power to the character—not at all easy.

Luchini, Father & daughter

Portrait of Fabrice Luchini

Picture credit : © Facebook Fabrice Luchini

At the outset, my father was really not in favor of my being in the cinema,... He was constantly nagging about the fact I should stop, that it was a very cruel universe...

But in this case things really went smoothly.

My scenario produced a role that truly fit him like a glove: the father of Martin, a guy obsessed with love, marriage and floral compositions...

I offered it to him, it was obvious to me it was the role for him and he accepted… To tell you the truth, I was also asking myself how things would go. Not so much because he was my father, but more because he happens to be an incredible actor with immense charisma. It seemed really strange for me, Emma, a modest film director to be saying: “hey Fabrice: do this do that...”

It was like magic. He never dared to say things like, "my little girl, you are a beginner, I know best ". On the contrary, he listened to my suggestions and totally respected my way of directing.

I am truly grateful that he never questioned my artistic authority...

Never without...

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my favourite spot to have a drink

Terrace of the restaurant le Nemours

Picture credit : © Le Nemours

The Nemours terrace at the end of the day.

a book I recommend

Deux,a book by Stanislas Wails

Picture credit : © Facebook Stanislas Wails

"Deux" by Stanislas Wails

A parallel between a love story and a film shooting. This author combines a style in the lines of Aragon with fantasy-filled humor. To read urgently!

my to-do list before the world ends

Dining room Pierre Gagnaire

Picture credit : © Facebook Pierre Gagnaire

  • Eating pasta with truffles


  • Arriving in Venice by train


  • Tasting Pierre Gagnaire’s cuisine


  • Spending a moonlit night in the gardens of Monet with Manu Payet

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