How to marry a billionaire?

No, this is not meant for the future wives of football players, but the coolest book this Summer, adapted from the amazing one woman show of Audrey Vernon.

The pitch? A real study case that lists all the billionaires on the planet and proves why it’s useful to choose a husband in keeping with the Forbes Billionaire list.

From Bill Gates to Bernard Arnault, including James Dyson, this ultra-glam humorist in his 30’s, unveils his (ironic) secrets to end up with a rich and powerful man with a good sense of humor.

We like: a very amusing course of economics from the point of view of a future bride, totally obsessive and very up to date when it comes to pinpointing billionaires on our planet.

We adore: social and economic inequalities explained by a neo-feminist and activist who also happens to be a humorist.

Comment épouser un milliardaire – 10 € by Audrey Vernon published by Fayard

Check out the interview of Audrey Vernon who shares with us her tips and tricks to get your hands on a millionaire in Paris

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