Three good reasons to discover the Swedish Institute

The Institut Suedois in Paris

© Swedish Institute Paris, Julien Bourgeois - Vinciane Lebrun ( - Fika (, Charlotte Bron (@charlotte_bron).

It’s one of those addresses you hesitate to keep secret, wanting to enjoy it jealously. Nestled in a stunning private mansion in the Marais, the Swedish Institute may well become your next headquarters. Here's the evidence in three points.



Institut suédois architecture

Behind the heavy blue carriage door of Rue Payenne lies the Hôtel de Marle, a 16th-century building owned by the Swedish state since 1965. The state spared no expense in renovating it, preserving its classified parts such as the facades and roofs on the street, courtyard, and garden, as well as the majestic staircase and its railing. Extraordinary painted wooden ceilings, marble arches, lattice windows, and majestic parquet floors also give this chic country house in the heart of Paris an aristocratic aura. A marvel of architecture.

© Swedish Institute Paris - Vinciane Lebrun, Julien Bourgeois, and Nils Boldt-Christmas.



Institut suédois expositions

Visiting the Swedish Institute always promises delightful surprises with inspiring and free exhibitions that showcase the beauty of the place, such as the permanent collection of the Tessin Institute. Until June 16, for example, you can explore "Following the Waves," which presents around fifty works by Lars Fredrikson and two contemporary Swedish artists, Anastasia Ax and Christine Ödlund. Their fascinating and often amusing work is displayed throughout the private mansion, even in the garden, prompting visitors to question their perception of art and the world. Be sure to check out the parallel programming of the exhibition, featuring concerts, performances, and meetings with the artists.

© Swedish Institute Paris - Vinciane Lebrun (



Institut suédois coffee shop

It's the editorial team's canteen! Located to the right in the courtyard, Fika coffee shop is a 100% lagom (Swedish hygge) spot, a secret known only to the Swedes, offering comfort food and a chill atmosphere reminiscent of Stockholm, with a bucolic terrace shielded from cars. You can order delicious Swedish coffees like the BAM BAM! from Lykke Kaffegårdar with its ultra-pop packaging (creamy latte €4.50, double espresso €3.50) or a Swedish beer from Stallarholmens Brygghus (€6.50) to accompany local delights such as a sublime princess cake (€6) or cinnamon bullar rolls (€3). But our weakness is to indulge in their lunch offerings like their addictive vegetable soup (€7), lovely rye bread sandwiches (€7.50), hearty meatballs (€7), or a laxpudding, a potato gratin flavored with dill, salmon, and served with salad (€15).

© Fika (, Charlotte Bron (@charlotte_bron).

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Also, discover the magnificent gardens of the Albert Kahn museum and the fantastic workshops offered by our favorite museums.

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