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Jouissance Club

Created By not PLA, the account insta Orgasm Club has a clear objective: to offer a fun mapping via décomplexantes illustrations and quotes callable full of real news.

Proof of this is: his 377k followers seem to prove that each of his posts is worth all the sex education lessons we have not received, by putting an end both to Judeo-Christian taboos as to the fantasies conveyed by porn … Hallelujah.

Post Insta ' explanations :

Always do a little pissing to clean the urethra of germs that have become encrusted in the area and avoid urinary tract infections. ”You see, we learn things from it!

Jouissance Club, the book

As if to go further in her reflection, the author of Jouissance Club released a book at Marabout as funny and sassy as it was informative.

Books like this help to build an exciting and informed sexual future because pleasure cannot be without knowledge, sexuality is not innate, especially since it is cluttered with clichés ”, explains Martin. Page , author of the preface and the book Beyond Penetration . “ We don't know our body, we don't know the bodies of our partners. It needs to change.

The penis in practice

With this in mind, Do It In Paris carefully read this fascinating manual, focusing (for this time on the vulva in the next issue) on the art of male masturbation and fellatio . Shocking? What if the new scandal was, on the contrary, to live in ignorance?

Small lessons of things to learn once and for all the art of the pipe and other male pleasures to avoid cramping or choking for hours by dint of (badly) imitating bad porn. Let's go !

Tip # 1: As a queen

Concretely: when the sex of your partner is tightly clamped between the thumb and the index finger of your hand, make it come alive by slightly turning your wrist.

Result: with the little finger raised, it is clearly the best effect!

Tip # 2: It's all about the angle

To maximize the chances of giving a good blowjob , you can pull the penis down with the palm of your hand until it forms a right angle with your lower abdomen. More practical and exciting: look it in the eye .

Result: it will undoubtedly be a success! Changing the angle of a fellatio increases the sensations.

Tip 3: Focus brake

Concretely: Gently run your tongue over the frenum , a small, very thin membrane that connects the foreskin to the base of the glans. A very erogenous zone not to be neglected and to be handled with care!

Result: An excellent introduction ...

Tip # 4: Dick head

Concretely: for this little tip, imagine your hand as a head massager . With the tips of the fingers pointing downwards, massage the device by making delicate back and forth movements.

Result: good vibes only, perfect for slowing down the pace a bit before the next acceleration.

Tip # 5: Use both hands

Concretely: well installed between his thighs when he is lying down, join your hands palm to palm before crossing your fingers around his member. When back and forth, the more seasoned will use their two thumbs to massage the glans at the same time very delicately .

Result: well lubricated, success guaranteed.

Tip # 6: Deep throat: instructions for use

Okay, let's get down to business. First: always be sure you want to and establish a gesture that will allow you to say stop . Second: on your knees, the position can be painful, so it is easier to lie on your back and tilt your head back, making it protrude from the bed (insertion will be easier).

Result: you will surely realize a fantasy without coming close to death by suffocation. Congrats!

Tip # 7: Anti-stress

Is your guy stressing you out? Jouissance Club has a good tip: use your penis as an anti-stress ball (yes, yes!). Squeeze his penis more or less hard as you wish and wait to see what happens ...

Result: a rather pleasant little manipulation which could even restart a second round!

Tip # 8: Teeth of Love

Concretely: good .. it is true that putting the teeth during a fellatio risks not having the expected effect. Ouch. But with the right technique anything is possible. Try to apply light pressure with your teeth on the most sensitive part of his body: the glans. Start slowly, don't rub and worry about his reaction.

Result: he appreciated ? What are you waiting for to start over?

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