The Double: the adaptation of Dostoevsky's novel to the theater makes the buzz

Theatre Le Double

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Goliadkine Petrovič , a simple civil servant in Saint Petersburg , sees his life turn upside down when he meets his namesake who, little by little, steals his place and his identity. How to prove it without sinking into madness?

The hero of the novel Le Double , by Fyodor Dostoyevsky , returns to the Théâtre le Ranelagh in a production by Ronan Rivière which subtly supports the absurdity of the situation.

The hero's fall

How, from an ordinary scenario , do you end up with a most bizarre story ?

Once upon a time ... Mr. Goliadkine , played by Ronan Rivière himself, discreet permanent adviser from Petersburg, leading a most banal life, between work and personal life, with his friend and servant Pietrouchka (Michael Giorno-Cohen).

But he gets lost and starts delirious when he meets his double and namesake , Goliadkine Petrovič . Proud, arrogant, impetuous, a good orator… are all qualifiers to present this double, parasitic and intrusive troublemaker, who gradually destroys the reputation of the “ hero ” and leads him towards a paranoid spiral.

It's very simple, nothing belongs to him any more: after having stolen his work, this evil twin ” comes to interfere in his privacy by living at home. Everything leads to believe that he is usurping his identity when those around him see only a “ certain resemblance ” ... Enough to go crazy!

A rhythmic scenography

Ronan Rivière had seduced us with the staging of the Roman de Monsieur Molière and Faust , he returns with a very first adaptation for the theater, with several characters, of the hyper poetic tale of Dostoyevsky.

In a constantly moving decor, imbued with constructivism , in faded colors, under plays of light and shadow, confusion is created. On the principle of large removable panels , the street is transformed into an office and then into a home in front of the spectator's eyes. A permanent construction that echoes the character's mental reconstruction.

The scenography dances and activates all around the actor who comes out all the more confused. In short, no one, between the character and the spectator , knows how to dissociate the dream from the real and the madness of the fantastic. One manages to doubt one's own judgment. Finally, is this really true?

The plus: the pianist ( Olivier Mazal ) live who punctuates and gives rhythm to the text to perfection!

Reservations online .

Le Double , 1h25, from Wednesday to Sunday until January 12, ticket on p. from 10 €.

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