Life’s a beach : the photography book by Martin Parr

Life S A Beach

Between the Granny working on her tan in a bikini, anti-glamour poses on the deckchairs or topless gals, the beach was an excellent playing field for the famous English photographer Martin Parr.

His seaside photographs with saturated colors, often funny and sometimes truly grotesque, such as a close up of spread-out toes, are featured in this beautiful book bound in the Japanese style. Each photo was carefully selected by him and placed by hand as in a holiday photo album.

We like: the work with the evocative name of an artist who criticizes society with humor.

Tops: an exceptional setting, numbered and signed by the hand of Martin Parr.

Life’s a beach

De Martin Parr

Editions Xavier Barral

Sold exclusively Editions Xavier Barral, 200 €


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