The new spot for happy hour at Parc Monceau

Recettes Italiennes

Le Valois ! Grant it that this is not a new place since this institution is nearly 150 years old and that actress Romy Schneider had make it her HQ. And if a Parisian icon had her habits there, it’s a good sign!

The heirs of this brasserie did not let such a great house go by the wayside. A small lifting, and it’s up and running again !

Why we adore : for its giant heated terrace where you can smoke, have drinks, nibble for hours, in short live a Parisian laid back way of life! Needless to say that the trendies of the 8th are all on the terrace at happy hour.

Tops ? New York nibbles : a real lobster-roll, you know this famous ultra-stylish lobster hot-dog everyone in Manhattan is wild about…

But also: a really good burger, high-end bagels and club-sandwiches.

We like: the great wines by the glass to avoid the bad rosé effect the day after and nifty cocktails

Open every day from 8am until 2am


Picture credit: Parc Monceau, Gabriella Alu', Flickr, CC

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