Mélodie Asseraf, the queen of sweets

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Mélodie Asseraf is a modern-day pastry chef who dusts off the universe of sweets with her terrific girly boudoir in Paris.

Her pedigree? She started out with Pierre Hermé and is a native New-Yorker. So it’s not surprising that this talented gal excels in the art of pop cakes (brownie lollipops), mini-donuts and cookies.

a restaurant just like in NYC

Dining room Beaucopup

Picture credit : © Facebook Beaucoup

The restaurant Beaucoup reminds me think of New-York, by its style and its spirit. It’s an ideal place to come have a drink with the gals or an after-work on Friday night.

More info on the restaurant Beaucoup...

cookies to fight the blues

DIY kit for cookies

Picture credit : © Facebook Sweet Mélodie

This DIY kit is a creation specially concocted by the « Mon kit cookie » label just for me. I sell it exclusively in my boutique ! They are delicious, offering both crispy and creamy textures…

These are preparations of ready-made cookies, conditioned like milk bottles! All the ingredients are there. Just follow the recipe!

My Cookies Kit by Les Sucreries de Mélodie: 13,90€ to be picked up at Les sucreries de Mélodie

my pastry hero : Michalak

Pastry chef Christophe Michalak

Picture credit : © Facebook Christophe Michalak

I respect all the chefs who take the time to train the younger generation and pass on their know-how. Christophe Michalak is someone I admire very much.

In fact, he has just opened a pastry school where Miss Everybody can come brush up on her cooking talents … Go try it!

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm-7pm, training costs starting at 80 euros, booking online.

my latest girly item

Mélodie Asseraf latest crush, a pink bag

A pretty pink bag that matches my shop, picked up in a little boutique on avenue Victor Hugo by a girlfriend. It’s a super shopping spot.

Never without my homemade granola

In the morning, I never leave the house without my cell phone and a small packet of home-made granola.

For about 500g of Granola

- 200g of oat flakes

- 120g of almond slivers

- 100g of whole walnuts

- 100g of honey

- 80g of brown sugar

- 90g of melted butter

For those who like them, it is also possible to add dehydrated cranberries, then just mix up all the ingredients and bake 20mn at 180°

my beloved cantina

Dining room of la Belle Armée

Picture credit : © La Belle Armée

My favorite restaurant is La Belle Armée. They make the best Caesar Salad I have ever tasted since I left New-York.

11€ as a starter. 22€ as a main course.

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