The smoothie that “almost” has the taste of bubble gum

Recette Smoothie Myrtille Banane Lait De Chevre

Without lactose, it has it all! Dare the surprising combo of fruit and goat milk with this yummy double taste smoothie.


In a blender, mix the bananas with half the Lactel® whole goat milk, a sachet of vanilla sugar and the vanilla pod seeds. Pour the preparation in glasses at mid height.

Then mix the blueberries with the remaining Lactel® whole goat milk and the 2nd sachet of vanilla sugar.

Add 2 ice cubes in each glass, then delicately pour the blueberrie smoothie over the banana and vanilla ones in order de to obtain a pretty two-toned result.

Drink nice and cold with a straw!

Tip: you can replace the vanilla sugar by lavender honey for even more originality.


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- 60 cl of Lactel® whole goat milk

- 2 small bananas

- 125g of blueberries

- 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

- 1 pod of fresh vanilla

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