4 philosophers to overcome crisis situations

Philosophie Pratique

Confinement requires, existential questions, doubts and big slack can be at the rendezvous. It was the perfect time to seek advice from the sparkling philosopher, teacher and columnist Marie Robert , creator of the brilliant Insta Philosophy is Sexy account .

The genius of this successful author? Marie has the gift of summoning philosophers to overcome the most bad-tempered contemporary situations and make Rousseau or Epicurus the best life coaches or psychologists. The proof in his first two fantastic bestsellers Kant you do not know what to do there remains the philosophy and Descartes for the days of doubts .

Plato for the Desperate Housewives of Containment

Platon pour les desperate housewives


Crisis situation. Your new life as a desperate housewife , very little for you. Food, homeschooling, cooking, kids and machines: help! Too much Lynette Scavo in you.

The good coach: Plato .

Why it will actually help you get out of it.I nstablish a fair distribution of tasks ”, explains Marie Robert . “ In The Republic , Plato wonders about the best organization of work within society, but his reflections also apply to the family. He notes that it is easier for everyone to devote themselves to a specific activity exclusively, so you can choose the job for which you have more qualities and interest. In short, send the children to the kitchen, you will have time to wax! ”

Couverture du livre La République de Platon

The book to reread if you want to go further : The Republic , Plato.

Thoreau for the addicts to their band of friends

La bande de potes comme dans la série Friends

Crisis situation. Loneliness, don't know. Except when you sleep, you live with your Girlfriend Crew, your Tribe, and WhatsApp groups. Stay locked alone in your 30 m² on the courtyard, alone with yourself for weeks: worse than prison.

The good coach: Henry David Thoreau .

Why it will actually help you get out of it.It's time to read Walden or Life in the Woods, advises Marie Robert. “ In this fabulous text, the author recounts the two years, two months and two days he spent alone in a tiny cabin in the middle of the forest! Admittedly, the experience was voluntary, but these reflections on self-discipline, listening to oneself, getting back to basics are precious. That said, from time to time, he goes to eat a pastry at his mother's house. For us, it's like having a Facetime aperitif! ”

The book to re-read if you want to dig deeper : Walden or Life in the Woods , Henry David Thoreau.

Rousseau for the control-freaks of seduction

Jean Jaques Rousseau pour son amour propre

Crisis situation. It's been 5 years since you gave your all to make your guy think you wake up sweet and perfect effortlessly. Hairs ? Do not know. Except that with confinement, the roots of your perfect sweep grow back, your pussy is fallow and cellulite appears from swapping your CrossFit sessions for the recipe section of Do It Paris . The end of a myth?

The good coach: Jean-Jacques Rousseau .

Why it will actually help you get out of it. " This is the perfect opportunity to work on your self-esteem with Rousseau ", analyzes Marie Robert. “In the state of nature, self-love is obvious. The transition to social life gives rise to an opposite feeling, we feel shame, we have built a fictitious image, we constantly compare ourselves to each other, which stirs up conflicts. In confinement, no other choice but to come back to the wild and learn to love yourself as is! ”

The book to reread if you want to go further: Discourse on the origin and foundations of inequality among men , Rousseau.

Epicure for aperitifs on the terrace

Apéro au café du Flore à Paris


Crisis situation. The aperitif? A religion. Every evening, whether it is windy, snowy or heatwave: you find yourself with your poles on the terrace of La Palette , du Progrès , du Flore or any chic and heated terrace, provided that 'there is a bottle of rosé, gossip and cigarettes ...

The good Epicure coach .

Why it will actually help you get out of it.Epicurus helps us not to seek happiness on the outside. Otherwise, confinement or not, we are doomed to always be subject to others and therefore to be deprived of liberty. Conversely, it pushes us to find fulfillment in peace of the body and peace of mind. A good exercise at the moment: to learn to enjoy the miracle of being alive. Friends are a plus, but our foundation is within ourselves ”, explains Marie Robert.

The book to reread if you want to go further: Letter to Ménécée , Epicure.

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