7 plants to detoxify your apartment

Plante Detox

As ecological as they are design, plants are making a resounding comeback in 2020 decor trends . No wonder when we know that these objects of desire with (very) high Instagrammable potential are endowed with incredible depolluting and well-being virtues… A detox decoration that is perfect after the winter fiestas!

A tour of the most zen plants, to accumulate at home without moderation.

The aloe vera

aloe vera permet de dépolluer son intérieur

Its magical powers : in addition to being a digest of good vitamins and hydration for the body and the skin when used in care, aloe vera allows you to cleanse your interior, which is more with style. Joy! Electromagnetic waves (computers, televisions, telephones), dust mites, carbon monoxide… Nothing escapes this super succulent. Note, once installed indoors, it is no longer possible to use the plant's gel, which would risk being polluted by all the substances absorbed.

The right spot : in all rooms of the house and, ideally, near electronic devices if the light is pointing the tip of its nose. Watering when the soil is dry and repotting every two years, in the spring.

Aloe vera, € 29.90 on interflora.fr and in stores

The fern

la fougère absorbe le xylène et le formaldéhyde

Its magical powers : it regulates ambient humidity and absorbs xylene and formaldehyde , both present in cigarette smoke and household cleaning products… In short, fern is a real star among detox plants!

The right spot : in your bedroom, bathroom or living room, near a window not too exposed to the sun and well insulated from drafts. Regular watering and repotting in the spring.

Fern, at p. from € 5.99 on bakker.com

The pilea

La plante le pilea est capables d’améliorer la qualité de l’air sur une petite surface de 10m²

Its magical powers : this “ lucky tree” , aka the pilea , has become the star of social networks with its hyper cute little rounded leaves, capable of improving air quality on a small area of 10m². Say goodbye to toxins left over from cigarette smoke and household products.

The right spot : ideal for mini Parisian apartments, on marble or light wood furniture, well lit, for a minimalist decor with the right dose of bohemianism. So chic. Watering when the soil is dry and repotting every two years, in the spring.

Pilea, € 18 on patchplants.com


Le yucca  purifie l’air en s’attaquant à l’ammoniac, au benzène et à tous les polluants présents dans les bougies, les encens, le tabac, certains produits de beauté et d’entretien et même les feutres et marqueurs.

Its magical powers : thanks to its long leaves, this succulent plant purifies the air by attacking ammonia , benzene and all the pollutants present in candles, incense, tobacco, certain beauty products and products. maintenance and even markers and markers. Who would've believed that ?

The right spot : well exposed to light, in your kitchen or bathroom, to benefit from its sanitizing action. Watering every ten days and repotting every two to three years.

Yucca, at p. from € 16.99 on bakker.com


Le Cactus permet de lutter contre les ondes électromagnétiques.

Its magical powers : just like aloe vera, the cactus , thanks to its small thorns, helps fight against electromagnetic waves ! Most ? Its super easy maintenance. Understand: treat yourself to a nice decor, even if you clearly don't have a green thumb, against the waves coming from TVs, computers but also from all household appliances.

The right spot : in your kitchen or near your computer if you work from home or as a faithful companion in the office. Watering once a week in summer only and repotting every two to three years.

Cactus, € 124 on bycharlot.co and in store at 26 rue des Batignolles 75017

The split

Le scindapsus fixe sur ses feuilles le monoxyde de carbone, le toluène, le benzène, l’hexane et le formaldéhyde, qu’on retrouve dans plein de produits quotidiens

Its magical powers : in addition to being super designer with its pretty golden reflections , the scindapsus , a sumptuous lush plant, fixes carbon monoxide, toluene, benzene, hexane and formaldehyde on its leaves, which can be found in lots of daily products ... Great class!

The right spot : in a living room corner to enhance your decor, but far from radiators. Watering when the soil is dry and repotting in the fall.

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Scindapsus, € 29 on eukalgypte.com and in a boutique at 156 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière 75010

The ficus

le ficus élimine le benzène, le trichloréthylène et le formol de l’air intérieur.

Its magical powers : the ficus , this (very) large plant that already dresses the most stylish interiors, eliminates benzene, trichlorethylene and formalin from the indoor air. Just that !

The right spot : in a small corner of a room, ideally in your living room, near pretty wooden and / or metal furniture. Watering once a week and repotting according to the growth of the plant.

© Bergamotte

Ficus, € 129.90 on bergamotte.com and in stores at 12 rue d'Argenteuil 75016

Also discover the most stylish plant shops in Paris and Eukalgypt, the new planter in the 10th district .

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