Tips and plants to adopt to sleep well

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Season 2 of L'Appartement #MerciLesPlantes is coming to Do It! In 2020, this event takes on a 100% digital form, but still inspiring. This week, Do It In Paris and @Maplantemonbonheur unveil a new room in this apartment with the staging of a garden bedroom.

Lie down with the ball in the stomach. Ruminate on your problems all night long and wake up exhausted with owl eyes. It was before. Phew: “ The problems of falling asleep are not inevitable ”, explains Emilie Kapps, naturopath.

Sleep restless people don't always know it… Falling asleep thanks to plants is the best gentle therapy for a real restful night. What if we grow good vibes in his room? The nature therapy expert reveals her key tips for L'Appartement #MerciLesPlantes.

Play sleeping beauty with jasmine

Le Jasmin améliore l'endormissement grâce à ses effets sédatifs.

What if we made therapy useful? ”Laughs Emilie Kapps. To do this, we offer ourselves a jasmine . It has all the qualities: a marvelous aesthetic, a bewitching smell, a symbol of luck ... But above all, this plant considerably improves falling asleep thanks to its sedative effects.

Another major advantage: a little air and light are enough for the plant to live well… “ Like humans to sleep well ”, analyzes the naturopath. “You ventilate your bedroom well before going to bed, which helps clean up the space and prevent the jasmine from overheating… ” CQFD.


Les plantes d'ananas améliore la qualité de l'air et diminue les ronflements.

A loving purr is cute… But when your fiancé starts snoring, it can be love-killing. This is where pineapple bromeliad comes in! In addition to its exotic and divinely tropical appearance, this plant born in the Andes Cordillera has well-hidden virtues.

It might sound unimaginable, but pineapple plants produce oxygen and improve air quality while reducing snoring. Be careful though: pineapple needs a cool room, around 18 °. Another technique to sleep better… and a shocking argument to curl up against your other half!

Drink a magic potion

Le Moon Milk avec la plante Ashwagandha qui est une plante somnifère.

Moon Milk: the poetic name and the gold color of this delicious drink seem straight out of a fairy tale. And for good reason: “ Sipping this evening latte is not only comforting and conducive to relaxation ”, explains Emilie Kapps. " Moon's milk is very effective thanks to the power of ashwagandha , a sleeping and anti-stress plant widely used in Ayurveda rituals and found in good herbalists."

The recipe: heat a cup of vegetable milk (oats, soy, almonds, rice, etc.) in a saucepan. Add 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon + 2 pods of cardamom + 1 pinch of nutmeg + 1 tsp. honey + 1/2 tsp. coffee of ashwagandha , one after the other. Stir for a few minutes. Pour into a cup.

High in a parasympathetic state

Ideal for people who are stressed, very nervous and mentally overloaded? Install in your room an essential oil diffuser with mandarin, less known than lavender , but also very effective and with a wonderful smell.

Concretely: the virtues of the mandarin tree make it possible to fight specifically against the problems of falling asleep and to pass quickly towards an ideal mood which one calls “ the parasympathetic state ” which promotes sleep, relaxation and digestion.

Treat yourself to the right bedside book

Délocaliser les ondes magnétiques de sa chambre.

How about doing some cleaning in his room? First key step: relocating chargers, computers and smartphones out of your room. This is THE basis: it is widely proven that the diffusion of magnetic waves strongly disturbs sleep.

At bedtime, we are inspired by the routines of kids by turning away from the blue light towards a subdued atmosphere with soft lighting, an airy bedroom and a slow life break before falling into the arms of Morphée.

The healthy bible to adopt: The intelligence of plants from Albin Michel d'Alessandra Viola and Stefano Mancuso, world-renowned scientist and founder of plant neurobiology. “ This reference book offers an exhaustive vision of the power of plants and what they can bring to everyday life ”, analyzes Emilie Kapps.

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