Make your entrepreneurship dream come true !

Perle De Lait

We have good news for women, the real ones, who dream of starting their own company without daring to venture forth.

The time for good 2018 resolutions has come ! It is time to change the world. In any case yours for sure ! Softly wake up the entrepreneur sleeping inside you…

Open up your ears. Yoplait and Perle de Lait have created the Trophée des Perles, that sends out a broad call for women’s projects.

The purpose: to support and help financially the project of 4 entrepreneurial women. These 4 grants of €5,000 will be attributed by a jury that will award a price to each winner of the 3 categories offered: Eco-citizenship, Society, The blossoming of women, without forgetting the Prize of the public.

How does it work?

Sign up and drop your application for free on

In March: the jury will select 3 projects by category. After an oral presentation of the finalists, the 4 great winners for each project will be selected on the 18th of May, before the official announcement of the results on the 11th of June at the prize award ceremony.

The winners will each be backed by an ultra-inspiring godmother for the success of their project: Charlotte Fredouille (founder of the Peduli Alam Association), Sarah Cherruault-Anouge (founder of Auticiel ),  Margaux Clément (founder of Simplement Femme).

Hurray for Empowerment ! Just play…

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