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Valerie Espinasse

Valérie Espinasse coaches well-known actresses, media heavies as wells as high level sports figures, but also anonymous persons. All come to consult her because she is a real pro, with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. Super motivating. In her new book My Good Détox published by Leduc.S (to be released on March 7th), the favourite micro-nutritionist of celebs shows how to really reset your organism. And she has shared with us a preview of the main lines to follow.

What are the benefits of a really good detox?

It allows to eliminate all the waste and toxins of your body whether caused by your eating habits, pollution, tobacco, medications... In short, all the chemical products that you absorb. In order for a detox to be efficient, il you must find the one that corresponds to your needs. But in any case, this implies a three-week change of eating habits, during which you must totally banish industrial products, alcohol and excess sugar. However, a detox must not be a source of frustration. You must increase the quantities of what you eat, even more than usual. The idea is that this is good for you. And frankly, you should be able to do this for 3 weeks. After ten days, you will begin to feel the benefits of your cure.

What to banish from the kitchen cupboards?

No more industrial products and ready made dishes: biscuits, mayonnaise, cooked vegetables—too rich in calories and with no nutrients. On the other hand, you can buy uncooked frozen vegetables.

Better eliminate all the dairy products made from cow milk —as well as cheese, cream, butter— because of their current composition, replace regular yogurt by soja yogurt. And not one drop of alcohol.

If you also want to loose weight, then you must remove potatoes and beets as well as avoid sugar as much as possible, including fruit (one or two a day, aside for grapes, melon and watermelon).

So what should go in the shopping cart?

It must be filled 2/3 with fruit and vegetables,—if possible fresh. To be completed by cereals, leguminous, that have the advantage of being very filling (lentils, chick peas, fava bean) and quinoa. In short, unprepared vegetals. And as far as animal proteins are concerned, go for fish or chicken, but avoid red meat during your detox.

In general, always privilege organic products. Not only do they contain less pesticides, but they also have a more important nutritional content. It’s best to select local and seasonal products.

My detox program also entails working behind the oven, but you can do it by following very simple recipes such as those in my book. I list each meal of the day and the appropriate recipe.


basket of fruits

Is one allowed to side-step?

When you decide to follow a detox, it’s not like going on a diet to loose 3 kg before hitting the beach. The elimination of waste and toxins takes place in tiers. You cannot follow a part-time detox!

There are also more conducive periods for detoxification. Spring (March) and Fall (end of September/ beginning October) are the two moments of the year when the organism is naturally inclined to eliminate. You will get better results. Ideally, you should follow two detox routines per year—more, depending on your nutrition habits and your lifestyle.

Should one follow a sports routine in addition?

Yes, if you want to loose weight, but no violent sports. Privilege soft practices such as yoga, Pilates and walking.

Meditation is a good complement to detox. If you are a beginning novice, launch yourself with the application Zenfie, it is simple and progressive. Start with 10 minutes, then 15 and so on.


The secret to avoid flinching?

Insist on spices and aromatic herbs. It’s something one does not think about often enough, yet it gives the impression of never eating the same thing twice and they are very easy to find. Basil, parsley, coriander, chives, cumin, curcuma... At Picard, there is an entire section dedicated to frozen herbs with different mixes for fish and meats.

What’s the routine at the restaurant?

In my nutrition program, I plan on a meal at the restaurant each weekend. Aside from the Savoyard restaurant (too much cheese) that is a big no-no, you can order a « detox compatible » meal almost anywhere.

At the Japanese for example, miso soup + sashimi plate. But no sweet sauce and no dessert. At the Lebanese, avoid at all cost anything fried. No falafel, go wild on the houmous (with a spoon, no pita), salad of lentils, taboulé, eggplant caviar, grilled chicken… all this is very healthy. Careful, never have dessert.

What should one have available in case of a hunger pang?

Think oleaginous: almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, Brazilian nuts, Cajun nuts. They don’t bring added sugar and are very nourishing. But watch out for quantities. If you pick Cajun nuts, you can have half as many as almonds.


If you have a sudden intense craving, what can you indulge in:

Chips or charcuterie? Charcuterie, but best go for white or smoked hams rather than salami and chorizo.

Spritz or red wine? Without any hesitation: red wine. Cocktails tend to have a very high glycemic index. In addition to alcohol, it often has additional sugar and sweetened fruit juice.

Pasta or pizza? Deffo pasta. Pizza is less digest because of the yeast.

A chocolate bar or candy? The chocolate bar, preferably black, even with almonds or nuts. Candy is filled with sugar.

ma good detox by valerie espinasse

Ma Good Détox by Valérie Espinasse published by Leduc.S, to be released on the 7th of March, 15 €.

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