The most beautiful outdoor evenings of summer

The best outdoor parties in Paris

Where to party in the open air , have a drink, nibble and dance in the open air with your band or in duo? Review of the most stylish evenings of the summer.

Loulou's Bar

an outdoor party at Loulou's bar

The party: every evening at 6.30 p.m. around the new bar on the festive terrace on the Tuileries de Loulou side , glued to the restaurant where we disembark (in groups), without reservation to socialize, flirt and sway in a chill & chic atmosphere, ambiancé · E · s by the glam and catchy sounds of DJs.

Who do we meet? Beautiful people in need of coolness and vacations, starting with houses like Pierre Hardy , who invested it during fashion week, or Sophie Fontanel and Mathias Kiss… Clearly, the stronghold of the most influential thirty-something fashion, art, com 'and luxury houses which constitute the loyal socialite clique of Loulou.

À la carte: the perfect paraphernalia for a spoiled children's aperitivo with focaccia (€ 15), melon (€ 12), bresaola plate (€ 18), pizz '(€ 18), sophisticated Spritz (€ 18), Moscow Luxury mule (€ 18) and Minuty swimming pool (€ 10).

The right time: the golden hour for an aperitif in front of the most beautiful sunset in Paris over the Louvre with a view of the Eiffel Tower… to hang out under the stars until 1am.

Loulou's Bar , 107 rue de Rivoli, Paris 1er

© Valentin le Cron

La Bamba at the Parc Floral

an outdoor party at Bamba

The party: The Hanging Gardens become La Bamba . Fiesta Por Favor !

An invitation to travel to a place in the heart of the Parc Floral, does that tempt you? We land in an ultra-festive space, with a holiday feel : XXL terrace , picnic-style tables , crazy food trucks and a frenzied playlist. There is clearly something for everyone, from Latin music to rap and cut-off. Instead, aim for: a Brazilian “ make-up & glitter ” stand, karaoke or roller disco in the dedicated area.

Who do we meet? The cool, cosmopolitan and stylish youth who look forward to the summer holidays

A la carte : a BBQ cheeseburger (€ 12) or a beetroot veggieburger (€ 10), served with fries (€ 4), beef (€ 7) or potato empanadas (€ 6) , a poke bowl (€ 7.90), seafood (€ 12), tapas (€ 15) and a great selection of cocktails (€ 10).

The right time : Thursdays and Fridays from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

La Bamba 102 route de la pyramide, Paris 12th at the Pavillon Chesnaie du Roy (Bois de Vincennes). Entrance fee for adults at € 2.50 and from 7 to 26 years at € 1.50.

© Absolute collective

The Trinquet Village

an outdoor party at Trinquet Village

The party: the eternal aficionados of the 16th arrondissement are finally holding their chill spot to extend the summer at nightfall. Formerly the headquarters of the Basques in Paris, Le Trinquet Village is getting a makeover in a reorganized space, cleaner and more chic, having set up handpicked street food stands, a restaurant and a cocktail bar near its pelota courts. come and squat in groups on the 4000m² terrace. Operation aperitif!

We meet who: two rooms two atmospheres between the fancy thirty-something, rather calmly installed in the new dining cellar, and the golden youth of the 16th arrondissement come to take advantage of this new space to get acquainted without having to move too much.

On the menu: on the food truck side, we find Basque and home-made dishes to share from La Bodega Sausalito (tapas, cold meats, cheeses, sardines ...), arancini tomatoes mozza and smoked focaccia from Bocca'tcha , oysters N ° 3 from the Ferret d ' Oysters and Salmon or the French roast beef sandwich from Roasty .

The right time: during the week after work, for a chill and well-deserved drink ...

Trinquet Village , 8 quai Saint-Exupéry, Paris 16th

chez Mila

an outdoor party at  Mila

The party: a glimpse of the festivals of Ibiza and Mykonos in a small barge that welcomes from Tuesday to Saturday until 2 a.m. a hundred happy few come to enjoy a chic and bling party in a bohemian setting on the water, just below the Eiffel Tower (the view is breathtaking)… before moving if necessary to L'Arc or Buddha Bar .

Who do we meet? Jet-setters and wealthy young people from Paris, Milan, Tel Aviv and Beirut, influencers and clients of the surrounding palaces.

À la carte: Italian street food only, simmered by Napoli Streat with bruschetta ricotta candied tomatoes (€ 16), a trio of pizzettes (€ 20), a burrata from Puglia, tomatoes and toast (€ 19) or an iced cake ricotta and pear (€ 15), to be washed down of course with pools of rosé, cocktails and bubbles.

The right time: July 13 for a frenzied holiday eve with DJ Set, and of course the next day with a cruise specially planned to admire the fireworks .

Chez Mila , 7 port de la Bourdonnais, Paris 7th

3615 Croisière

an outdoor party at  3615 croisière

The party: have you ever had a party on a moving boat? The fun cruise takes on its full meaning here. Failing to be able to reopen its bar, the 3615 relocates to the River's King barge and embarks its revelers every Friday evening in summer for a wild cruise on the Seine, from 7 p.m., to the sound of Axelle Red's hits, Spice Girls , from TLC , Sean Paul and Britney Spears . Be careful, here, the tradition is that we shout as soon as the boat passes under a bridge! At 11 p.m., return to the fold for the second part of the evening: the 3615 Bamboche, static this time, and which promises to last until 5 a.m.

Who do we meet ? The party girls and addicts to the hits of the 90s / 2000s.

A la carte : a cheese and cold meats board (€ 18), hummus (€ 6), a salmon and guacamole tartare (€ 12), cream cheese + tomato + cucumber toast (€ 9), a smoked turkey bagel (€ 9). As for cocktails, a tanqueray + cucumber tonic or storm tonic (€ 10), a glass of Moët & Chandon (€ 12) or even a Fisher (€ 5).

The right time : every Friday evening!

3615 Cruise at River's King 4 quai Saint-Bernard, Paris 5th

Diego Alary at Wanderlust

an outdoor party at  Wanderlust

The party: HQ of stylish Parisians, the Wanderlust plays the hype card on its insane terrace with its new menu signed Diego Alary , spotted in Top Chef last year and who succeeds his accomplice Alexia Duchêne . It is on one of the trendiest terraces in Paris that he sets up his very first restaurant all summer long above the Seine. Instructions: unwind at 6.30 p.m. to start the festivities and sip rosé at the outdoor bar. Take advantage of this magical atmosphere to end the evening in clubbing mode, surrounded by DJ sets.

Who do we meet? All the trendy people who stayed in Paris in afterwork mode.

À la carte: a unique formula at € 29 with your choice of cheese sticks, avocado guacamole flambéed with tequila and nachos salsa verde or candied tomatoes with pesto. As well as grilled beef, shrimp or kefta veggie with patatas bravas, roasted eggplant or cauliflower with parmesan. Finish off in style with chocolate puffs + peanuts, roasted apricots or pineapple lacquered with spices + vanilla ice cream. All while sipping a tasty cocktail (off the menu) such as Vamos a la tequila (€ 15) or a non-alcoholic mocktail (€ 7).

The right time : Tuesday to Sunday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.

Wanderlust 32 quai d'Austerlitz, Paris 13th. Reservations on thefork.fr .

© Instagram / @wanderlust

Bubble bar

an outdoor party at  bar à bulle

The party: hidden in a dead end, the Bar à Bulles is the little corner of greenery nestled above La Machine du Moulin Rouge in the shade of the wings of the legendary cabaret . In a holiday garden setting, party-goers in Paris meet there in summer to toast and flirt to the sound of a frenzied musical program worthy of the unmissable club just below. In short, the most rascal fiesta of the summer.

Who do we meet? Regulars of the Machine in search of good sound.

On the menu: a mess of tapas with a plate of charcute (€ 13), zaathar hummus (€ 8), nachos (€ 9.50). For the bands of friends, head straight for the pitcher of Mojito (€ 48), a bottle of Spitz (€ 54) or iced vodka (€ 48). Cheers!

Closed on Mondays. 4 Cité Verron, Paris 18th. All the information on www.lamachinedumoulinrouge.com/le-bar-a-bulles .

La Tropézienne du Trocadéro

an outdoor party at  Trocadéro

The party : Hervé Prouteau (the creator of the parties at the Chalet des Iles , that's him!) And his gang have struck again with the Tropézienne , the fiesta both chill and madly jet set, on the terraces of the Paris Aquarium . On the program: aperitif, deckchairs and clubbing, in an atmosphere worthy of the Place des Lices . Take out the gingham dress and the espadrilles, BB has just taken possession of you. All to the sound of DJ Fred R.

Who do we meet? The quads of the Golden West, the beautiful people in need of a fiesta and nostalgic for the heyday of the Chalet des Iles , precisely.

On the menu: finger food (fish & chips, fried tempura chicken, fried beef tataki, (between 10 and 15 €) to accompany a pool of rosé (10 €) or a cup (10 €) It smells like the holidays ...

The right time: every Thursday, from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Until September depending on the weather. 5, avenue Albert de Mun, Paris 16. All information on www.facebook.com .

Mademoiselle Mouche

an outdoor party at Mademoiselle Mouche

The party : It was under the leadership of Thibaut Sinclair and his team that Mademoiselle Mouche was born. Adventurer at heart, this kiffeur has taken it upon himself to dust off the aging Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches to make it one of the most trendy places in the capital: #theplacetobe . Instead, aim: to sip a couture cocktail against a backdrop of DJ sets as we like them at the water's edge with a bird's eye view of the Eiffel Tower … The ultimate kif guaranteed! For the occasion, the terrace has been given a facelift and has been transformed into a veritable garden on the water with its magnificent flowery pergola where Parisians will come to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Big crush for the feeling of grass under our feet.

Who do we meet ? The clubbers who set the dance floor on fire… cocktail in hand.

A la carte : cocktails (€ 13) or bottles of Moët et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Dom Perignon, beers (€ 7), a Spritz (€ 13). But also the charcut 'and cheese board (€ 30), choice of pizze (€ 20), chicken nuggets (€ 10), Club sandwich (€ 10), fruit salad or mint / lemon sorbet (€ 15) and even a CBD ice cream (6 €).

The right time: Wednesday to Sunday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Reservations recommended on mademoisellemouche.paris or by SMS to 06 98 12 59 97. Mademoiselle Mouche Port de la Conférence, Pont de l'Alma, Paris 8th.

© Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches

perchoir de l'est

an outdoor party at Perchoir de l'est

The Perchoir shock team did it again on the rooftop hidden above the Gare de l'Est . Under the large rose window, a decor full of flowers and an atmosphere that heats up over the hours. All in a sufficiently intimate setting to take your date there. On the turntables, the nuggets spotted by DA Karl Planck to jiggle like on vacation.

Who do we meet? Both groups of friends afterwork and clubbers addicted to good sound.

À la carte: a brand new food menu with carne or veggie empanadas (€ 12), mezzes (€ 10), fried chicken (€ 13), and always the house cocktails (€ 13).

The right time: from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., to enjoy the DJ sets worthy of the Berlin fiestas.

10 place du 11 Novembre 1918, Paris 10th. All the information on www.leperchoir.tv .

La Démesure sur Seine

an outdoor party at démesure sur seine

The party: not one but two terraces taken over by La Démesure , the baby of Filipe Alves . On the program: stand-up scenes, concerts , cabaret and Swedish barbecue during crazy evenings ... in the East (12th) and West (7th). The director Nicolas Ullmann offers live musical performances and concerts while the headliners of humor Tristan Lopin , Paul Mirabel or Laurie Peret do the show all evening.

Who do we meet? The 20-35 years old bobos and hipsters of the Marais will meet more towards Austerlitz to enjoy a cool and trendy atmosphere, while the more upscale Parisians will rather go to the 7th district for more family and relaxed tables.

À la carte: on the east side, a Swedish BBQ with meat kebabs (€ 24), Texas-style wings boards (€ 21) and sea bream ceviche (€ 14). West side: a di Andria burrata made with ultra-creamy IGP raw milk (€ 25) by Gusto, a bottle of organic Ecoterra Chardonnay (€ 33) or a delicious cocktail (€ 12).

The right time: Monday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Reservations recommended. La Démesure en Scène - Est 69 port de la Rapée Paris 12e / La Démesure en Scène - Ouest on the Péniche Concorde Atlantique 23 quai Anatole France, Paris 7e

Pavilion Puebla

An outdoor party at pavillon Puebla

The Perchoir team has struck again and continues to make us love it on its XXL double terrace perched high, in the heart of the Buttes Chaumont . In a sublime hunting lodge from the Napoleon III period , an Eden Green ideal for disembarking in groups, smoking cigarettes and flirting with neighboring tables ...

Who do we meet? The hipsters and trendy thirties of the East Side.

À la carte: at the top of the list, the unmissable Moscow Mule with ginger beer (€ 13). Then for small appetites, we share the pizzettes (parma, veggie, burrata, (from € 11), arrancini (€ 10) or a selection of Maison Montalet cold meats (€ 18).

The right time: at nightfall to chill in the cool.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Avenue Darcel, Paris 19th. All the info on leperchoir.tv .

Also discover a chic beach on the outskirts of Paris and an Italian brunch on a hidden terrace in the Marais .

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