The new arty rendezvous of May

Corps Libres

It is the cultural place where it is good to see and be seen and which has already seen its share of famous people from the world of art and fashion pass since last week... And for good reason: the Acacias studio presents its first collective exhibition with “ Des corps libre ”, revealing the new French and international artistic guard in Tout-Paris.

The new trendy and arty meeting place in the capital

A true 2.0 patron, Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers has been paving the way for a wave of young talent since 2021 by creating “ Reiffers Art Initiatives ”, a fund program aimed at giving visibility to the new generation of artists.

Presented since May 5, “ Des corps libre ” creates the event with an astonishing scenography signed La mode en images (the agency that operates the sets for the most beautiful Balenciaga , Louis Vuitton or Gucci shows ), prestigious partners like Gucci and Mazarine Group , all orchestrated by Thibaut Wychowanok ( Number magazine) as curator of the exhibition. The journey delivers visions of the body where each artist declines his relationship to the body through various artistic mediums with the key words: diversity, struggles and emancipation.

The new artistic guard to follow

What do we see? The masterpieces of Pol Taburet , big winner of the Reiffers prize-competition among the fifteen participants also exhibited. The Paris-born artist unveils his hybrid silhouettes, which he describes as humanoids, in large-format paintings with flamboyant colors such as A rude reflection (2021) and Holy hole (2021) whose “ The dramaturgy that characterizes his painting explores in depth our interiorities, it's a look at the human condition ”, explains Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers .

We also find the heterogeneous works of Salomé Chatriot , who surfs on the vibe of 3D and SF with fantastic figures halfway between the real and the virtual, but also the stunning installations of Kenny Dunkan , winner of the Reiffers mentorship in 2021 and his sculptures Untitled (KOUNIAMANMANW) (2022) or Solid Boy (2022) which question a heavy colonial heritage.

Other stars of the expo not to be missed

Manon Wertenbroek: poignant works that leave you speechless, shocking installations like The story I itch to tell also shames (2021), made of textile and latex representing the human skin that she materializes on a support without ever giving it body.

Chalisée Naamani: large screen-like panels printed with photos of individuals whose bodies are hidden. His approach suggests the disappearance of the body in favor of clothing in a surprising staging.

Free bodies , Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE.

© Aurelien Mole

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