JR, Boltanski, Buren or Frida Kahlo: the new Parisian exhibitions

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In need of retrospectives , art and museums ? While most cultural institutions remain closed, Parisian galleries are redoubling their talent and proposals between museum installations, exceptional photo shows and exhibitions by the biggest names on the contemporary scene.

Christian Boltanski at the Goodman Gallery

Did you love (or miss) the great retrospective dedicated to Christian Boltanski in Beaubourg last year? Rush to the gallery Goodman which devotes the first personal exhibition of the artist and videographer in Paris entitled Après .

The installations, sculptures and films exhibited on 3 floors resonate furiously with current events. Highlight of the show, The Disappeared : “ Four videos snapshots of a fabricated vision of happiness conceal subliminal images of horror that took place during the century in which I was born… They remain present in the subconscious of most of us. us ”, explains Boltanski.

Christian Boltanski at the Galerie Goodman , until March 13 from Tuesday to Saturday until 5 p.m. 79 rue du Temple - Paris 3rd.

© Rebecca Fanuele

JR at the Continua Gallery

Missing “ Things to do ”? Count on JR to dazzle you. The bankable artist has been given the keys to the contemporary art center Galleria Continua , already present in Rome, São Paulo or Beijing and known for shaking up the codes.

This is still the case with this resolutely surprising and offbeat immersive exhibition through the 800m² of this premises of a former leather goods wholesaler, left in its original state with its shelves and false ceilings. Here, you can shop in the middle of works of art.

The creations of Daniel Buren , Anish Kapoor , Ai Weiwei , Kiki Smith and JR rub shoulders with a bookstore and delicatessen products (green tea, olive oil, flour, jam) from the various towns where the Galleria Continua is located. worldwide. In case you still doubt it, this exit is therefore very essential.

Truc à Faire exhibition at the Galleria Continua Paris, 87, rue du Temple, 75003 Paris. Until March 20, 2021. Admission free, reservation recommended .

© Lorenzo Fiaschi

© Naked - E Michelangelo Pistoletto; photo Sara De Santis

Daniel Buren chez Kamel Mennour

By entrusting Daniel Buren with the in situ dressing of 350m2 at the Pont Neuf, the new gallery by Kamel Mennour is absolutely worth the detour with a play of lights, colors and insane geometry, signature of the star plastic artist behind the columns of Buren or of the covering of Gehry's vessel at the Louis Vuitton Foundation .

But the singularity of this immersive installation is the brilliant collaboration with artist Philippe Parreno who placed sensors in the Seine a few meters away. Result: the movements of water punctuate the scenography, revealing forms and perpetually evolving Buren's work.

Daniel Buren at the Kamel Mennour gallery until April 30, 2021, free entry from Tuesday to Saturday. 5 rue du Pont de Lodi, 75006 Paris.

Eyes Closed at Galerie Perrotin

When I was six or seven years old I was convinced that there were two lives, one where you lived with your eyes open and the other with your eyes closed, ” explains Fellini in The Book of My Dreams . This masterpiece is the starting point of this magnificent exhibition which brings together the work of 5 young artists responsible for illustrating their interpretations of the dream through their imaginations.

Because basically: our nightmares, our nocturnal doubts and confusions, what resonances do they have directly on creation? Throughout the exhibition, the illustrations by New York artist Elizabeth Glaessner , Paolo Salvador and Simon Martin echo the films of the Italian genius.

Eyes Closed at Galerie Perrotin until March 27. Free admission. 76 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris.

© Photo Claire Dorn / Courtesy the artists and Perrotin

Frida Kahlo at the Galerie de l'Instant

Ultimate muse, Frida Kahlo remains an object of fascination, inspiration and empowerment. While visiting the first American exhibition dedicated to the painter at the Brooklyn Museum , Frida Kahlo, Appearances can be deceiving , Julia Gragnon, director of the Galerie de Instant , discovers dozens of photos taken by Lucienne Bloch, assistant and friend of the Frida couple -Diego.

By making contact on Instagram with her little daughter Lucienne, who has the same first name, the gallery owner is forging a relationship around the story of this series of photos that the heiress will lend her. An exhibition of portraits shot in the intimacy of the life of the young artist in 1933 (she was then 25 years old) from a street scene in Texas to a stolen kiss between Frida and Diego in New York via a Self-portrait in Frida's necklace in her hotel room ...

Frida Kahlo at the Galerie de l'Instant , free entry until March 14, 2021, open every day, 46, rue de Poitou Paris 75003.

The Anonymous Project at the Polka Factory

The Anonymous Project is this association of curators who for years have been collecting slides of Mr. and Mrs. everyone found in garage sales and give them back a story in an ultra-pop scene. Justine Lévy has made a book of it in the form of an absolutely brilliant 100% fictitious family album.

After having caused a sensation at the Rencontres d'Arles in a 70's house, and recently with This is England at the Fab by Agnès B, the collective returns with American Stories , an exhibition of US snapshots immortalized in the 20th century between beach holidays, walks to the zoo, Sundays at the swimming pool, birthday parties, old-fashioned surprise parties and the latest Chevrolet showcase in the garden ...

The Anonymous Project Collection American Stories at the Polka Factory until April 3, 202 114, rue Saint-Gilles, 75003 Paris

David Hockney at Lelong

We no longer need to introduce David Hockney , the most famous British painter in the world, especially for his incredible swimming pools. In 2018, the artist fell under the spell of Honfleur and discovered the tapestries of Queen Mathilde in Bayeux. Now installed in a studio in the middle of the Normandy countryside, the artist prides himself on renewing the Normandy landscape by painting spring in Honfleur like a real story, always inspired by Proust's writing.

It gives a dozen paintings in the form of autobiographies in images which, in addition to his house and his relatives, brings to light the traditional half-timbered architecture of the 17th century that the Impressionists had disdained by its absence in their work. Hockney sees in it an echo in the cottages of the Dutch landscape represented by Rembrandt and the young Van Gogh , the two great masters whom he likes to watch at the moment.

Ma Normandie at Galerie Lelong , free entry by reservation until February 27, 2021. Open Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 2 pm to 6.30 pm. 13 rue de Téhéran, 75008 Paris.

Claude Viallat at Templon

Unmissable master of contemporary French art since the 70's, Claude Viallat paints his motifs repeatedly everywhere except… on canvas. With Sutures and Varia , he once again brings a radical vision that challenges the codes of painting, volume and space and for the first time takes over the Grenier Saint-Lazare, the masterful place of his gallery owner Templon for 20 years.

Can we escape from the conventional framework of the painting while creating a work of art that is resolutely “ painting ”? This is the whole question that the brilliant Viallat once again poses at the 85-year-old in this exhibition, using industrial tarpaulins and household linen as incredible supports.

Claude Viallat at Galerie Templon, free entry until March 20, 2021, open Tuesday to Saturday. 28 rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare, 75003 Paris.


Alexandre Lutz at the Laurence Esnol gallery

Definitely, he shines in all disciplines. Sometimes author, actor and director Césarized or brilliant at the Folies Bergère in his brilliant one-on-stage , what you probably did not know, is that Alex Lutz also dabbles with the brush. During the first confinement, frustrated at not being able to write, the actor began to frantically paint delicate watercolors .

He who has always drawn has been keen to represent the outdoors when the world was locked up, on small supports exhibited at the Laurence Esnol gallery . These wooded and poetic landscapes, tinted with gray and lit by the sun, show this once again the creative expanse contained in a single body. When will the comic be?

Alexandre Lutz at the Laurence Esnol gallery , free entry, until March 27 from Tuesday to Saturday. 7 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris.

Rancinan at NAG

The heavyweights of contemporary art are at the heart of the programming of the new space of Natasha Dassault's gallery. After Hom Nguyen , NAG offers carte blanche to photographer Gérard Rancinan for a brilliant exhibition.

The artist returns after 7 years of absence from Paris around 30 photographic paintings, which question society and its ambiguities through a still unexplored genre of the artist: still lifes. Withered arms and flowers, a couple of faceless clergymen and other sleeping beauties: Caroline Gaudriault's texts give them extra soul.

Rancinan at the Not a Gallery , free entry until April 15, 2021, open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 104 avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75016 Paris.

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