Vainui de Castelbajac, a funny and colorful artist !

Encounter with Vainui de Castelbajac, comic book artist

In the Castelbajac family, we’d like to present Vaïnui de Castelbajac, the very talented illustrator who has just published an amazing cartoon strip and signs a hilarious exhibition all about cows and dairy products at the Milk Factory.

Encounter with a gal from Ménilmontant just as we like them.

Le monte-en-l'air, a coffee shop/bookstore

Storefront of the restaurant le Monte-en-l'air

Picture credit : © Le Monte-en-l'air

I love hanging out in this bookshop, leafing through the latest books while sipping a cappuccino. They have lots of books on design, underground comic strips that one finds nowhere else.

They also showcase illustrators, prints. And their preview vernissages usually finish around midnight and are really hip. It’s a totally cool place.

Kiloshop, to buy vintage clothes

Store Kiloshop

Picture credit : © Facebook Kiloshop

A giant mess. There is a pre-selection so one does avoid the nitty-gritty side of the Barbès shops. I found a grey tee-shirt gris with a wolf and a galloping hors, very Johnny’style, super kitsch that I really looove and a red cap I wear all the time.

I dress quite a lot over there and I twist the clothes with classics in the COS style. Despite my family name am not really involved in fashion

sésame, ma darling cantina

Storefront of the restaurant le Sésame

Picture credit : © Facebook Sésame

For its very healthy but not boring atmosphere! They have deckchairs where you can chat and tan on the Canal embankments. Their bagels are terrific with special kudos for the chicken-avocado-honey. They also have some wonderful regular shows.

Demain, c'est loin : my bar

In Ménilmontant, a little bar of buddies in the area where young and old mingle. They serve delicious tapas (du pan con tomatoes, squid) and you knock back drinks such as their supermojitos or ginger rum. They also have a good wine selection that does not give you a headache!

my brand-new comic book

Dr. Rorschach, Vainui de Castelbajac' comic book

Picture credit : © Editions Delcourt

My baby! It’s the story of a psychiatrist who hosts on his couch slightly off the wall patients, for example a Russian doll, a Santa Claus who does not believe in himself or a puzzle who is afraid of never putting itself back together …

I find it quite funny to make fun of how much everyone psychoanalyzes everything …

Editions Delcourt. 14,95€

my milky exhibition

The name is « Et Pis c’est tout ». A series of funny and colorful illustrations as well as cartoons that I created around the them of milk, cows and dairly products.

I am a total fan of Voutch and Sempé who always inspired me…

From the 11th of october until the 14th of december

Vaïnui de Castelbajac' website

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