A couture tea-party in an incredible Parisian flat

Tea Party Couture

We can very well imagine ourselves dropping by with one of our intimate girl friends to sip a cup of tea and talk about clothes in a fabulous apartment where Loulou de la Falaise, Jean-Paul Goude and many other icons of the fashion world have their little habits.

We have very good news, this is exactly what is offering the marvelous Marie Beltrami, figurehead of the French’touch style (artist, stylist and photographer) who is inviting Parisiennes around a chic drink and selling great looking accessories in her enchanting apartment that  flirts with « Alice in Wonderland».

During 2 days, you can come pick up her cult pieces that all the it girls are wild about.

Soon the be ours her mice-jewelry, must-have accessory as a brooch to attach to our bags and your perfecto blouson or as irresistible earrings, mostly to be worn solo, very rock-style, on just one ear ( 50 et 70€). A small luxury that is very accessible and a great gift for an exacting fashionista, a chic mother-in-law, our trendy mother... And mostly for us !

If you are looking for the hottest items of the moment: try her Lulu jacket ( 630€), a unique and numbered clever piece (quintessence of haute couture) and reversible, which could very well have been invented by Miss Coco Chanel in person. On one side, preppy tweed, on the other, a totally rock and couture bombers version.

Tip top: There will be valet parking… No need to look for a parking space!

Tea and couture sale everyday until december 21st from 4pm to 9pm in the show-room apartment of Marie Beltrami from 11am to 8pm. 24 bd des Invalides 75007 Paris. Interphone Beltrami. Contact at 06 70 16 18 01

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