A take-away bouquet at Les Mauvaises Graines

Un Bouquet En Take Away Chez Les Mauvaises Graines

Atypical, anti-conformist and a tad rebellious, after a concept-store in the 18th arrondissement, David Jeannerot is planting his concept of Mauvaises Graines on the Left Bank (opening on the 3rd of  June).

After creating the buzz with his rock gardens, flower beds filled with green plants, featuring groups such as AC/DC or Nirvana, he now has launched exclusive bouquets-to-go in his new boutique.

Each week, a different composition that mixes wild flowers, foliage, graminicides, that come in several sizes. No worries, just trust the good taste of Ayako and Nathalie, the two flower chefs.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm.

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