A treasure trove in the 7th !

Vide Grenier

When Parisiennes of the upscale 7th arrondissement empty their attics for a tag sale, the result is a treasure trove where you are sure to find your ideal gift. Take advantage of this delightful Indian Summer to take a stroll in the mythical streets of Saint-Germain and pick up a few nuggets as well as all sorts of objects (a never worn pair of Louboutin, a darling Maje or Sandro dress, a retro armchair, a 60’s lamp or a pretty formica table).

The concept? All day long, here is a golden op to  update your wardrobe and find the rare pearl at a super slim price by strolling along rue de Grenelle, rue de la  Chaise, rue Saint-Guillaume and boulevard Raspail.

When? On Sunday 28 September from 7am to 6pm

Vide grenier d’automne de l’Association le Faubourg Saint-Germain

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