7 good vibrations to borrow from California


Happiness is in L.A ! It’s the red thread of Good Vibrations, le bonheur à la californienne (First Editions), written by Laure Gontier, a Parisienne established in Los Angeles since 3 years. It’s also the New Year message recently sent by Garance Doré. In her holiday newsletter, the illustrator/blogger/entrepreneur speaks about her first year in the city of Angels : "As soon as I settled there, I felt that this city supported me, wrapped me in a soft and maternal energy".

And what if we drew our inspiration from the cool vibes of L.A. to live happily… in Paris?

1. Stop complaining, think positive

arretez de raler

It’s the basics. Positive thinking is the engine of Californians, « they are on the lookout for positive in all circumstances and appreciate what they live», notices Laure Gontier. Concretely? They openly show their joy, always smiling, welcoming

("Hello"…"How are you today?", "Have a wonderful day") and don’t hesitate to make compliments ("I love your dress, it’s amaaaazing").

The important point to remember? Leave your complaints and grumpy mood in the closet. Let it be known that you are happy and grateful for each small moment of happiness every day. If need be, keep a gratitude journal in which you will note everything that brought you joy during the day.

2. Activate your full conscience

Rather than rehash regrets and mishaps that dwell on the past, Californians focus on the present moment. That’s what full conscience is all about: centering on what we are living at the very moment. Benefit of the operation ? An interior joy, instant peace, assorted to a deep down serenity. In other words, being at peace.

The important point to remember? Do you need a little help to clarify your thoughts? Test meditation at the Bar of Meditation through the Petit Bambou app. With a little training, you will manage to let go to concentrate on just your sensations.

Meditation bar, 5 Rue Gaillon, 75002 Paris www.barameditation.fr

3. Namasté, bitches !

yoga californie

There, yoga is considered as a State sport. Next to classic Hatha, other more off-beat practices have little by little developed: doga if you happen to have a dog, brew yoga that ends around a pint of beer or even nude yoga, no need to explain.

The important point to remember? Greatly prized in L.A., hot yoga has just landed in several Parisian studios. Always at the cusp of trends, the Mirz Yoga studio offers yoga sessions eyes closed (blindfolded yoga) as well as R&B, yoga on the beats of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber!

Mirz Yoga 6 Rue Arthur Rozier, 75019 Paris www.mirz-yoga.com

4. Feed yourself with detox juices… and burgers !

detox californie

Forget stringent diets. In Los Angeles, you can easily go from a super healthy grain bowl to a “Netflix and chill” dinner of burger/fries picked up from the In-N-Out Burger, the flagship we are all hoping for in France. A schizophrenia of the saving plate in the eyes of Laure Gontier “Californians rejoice at each mouthful of kale, as much as each bite of their sandwich. This is maybe the secret of their silhouettes”.

The important point to remember? Morality, stop feeling guilty. In the mood for a burger ? Well go right ahead with the best burgers of Paris at Blend and PNY, that just opened a new flagship in Pigalle. You want to eat organic? Go check out seeds and fresh juices at Wild and the Moon or Maisie.

Blend 3 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris www.blendhamburger.com

PNY Pigalle 24, rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris

5. Brunch 7/7


The concept hits the bull’s eye, you will quickly understand why. The all-day breakfast is the promise of an endless Sunday. There are many addresses such as Sqirl and Egglust, serving fluffy pancakes, comforting granola, fab avocado toast, French toast… all week long and non-stop ! A great way of dealing with the Monday blues.

The important point to remember? Monday is the new Sunday (also works with Tuesday and Wednesday…). To really be convinced, go sit down at Claus and Café Foufou, where you will wolf down crunchy buttered tartines, childhood soft boiled eggs, plump brioche.

Echo, 95, rue d'Aboukir, 75002. www.echo-paris.com.

6. Go for an effortless look (for real)

Parisiennes don’t have the monopoly of effortless. This is why Californians have stashed their slim jeans slim in the back of their closets, preferring leggings, so much more comfy. In the street, at the restaurant and even at work (#truestory), no matter the occasion, sports pants are the new essential of it girls. More generally athleisure (understand sportswear) is favoured by Cali girls (crop top, hoodie, apparent sports bra…).

The important point to remember? It’s very simple. Just dress as though you were going to yoga class or cycling, the session in itself is purely optional. Less radical, check out the ultra cool and trendy selection offered by the Gang of Early Birds that features a pretty handful of California labels with a laid-back style: bags by Cult Gaia and Vere Verto, Loren Stewart—as well as at Anine Bing, the Swedish designer based in L.A., who opened a boutique in Paris.

7. Be beautiful naturally

tata harper

Hip Californians are super attentive to the products they smear all over themselves. Marching order? Safe. The slightest doubtful particle is proscribed—they require green. There is a wide array of natural brands on the market (GlamGlow), organic (Tata Harper), even 100% vegan (Per-fékt beauty). For them, beauty is a question of lifestyle. Follow my... Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow, the healthy gurus.

The important point to remember? Preserve the planet and to pamper yours pretty face, go for « clean» products. Cool, GlamGlow are sold at Sephora along with the complete range of Tata Harper is available at Oh My Cream, at Bon Marché and the Bristol spa.

livre good vibrations

Taken from Good Vibrations by Laure Gontier, First Editions.

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