How to make love well?

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Stop the routine in bed. Elodie Dulac, sophrologist and practitioner in energy treatments and massages at Espace Sayya , gives us her advice to spice up your romantic dates. The key to success ? Have the right touch.

Stop believing yourself in a movie

Whether it's porn or romantic comedies, movies are often seen as benchmarks or role models. However, as Elodie Dulac reminds us, “ by seeking performance or perfection, you will mess up ”.

The right mood to adopt? Let go . No goal, no pressure, just tell yourself that you are not expecting anything.

Start by relaxing , turn off your screens, turn off anything that may be a source of stress or annoyance. If necessary, listen to music, draw, let your body open up. And set the intention “ that this moment will make you rise in love ”.

Make an appointment with your lover

Book a niche with your boyfriend like you do with your banker, the idea may seem strange. Although devoid of spontaneity, the method is validated by the specialist in energy care, who takes it from her Nepalese teacher.

Once a week (the frequency varies according to each couple), block your moment together. “ Waiting fuels desire, ” she insists. Prepare the place together (candles, music…), then stand naked facing each other for 5 minutes, so as to reveal yourself as you are. Then take 5 minutes to caress your partner's entire body, from the hollow of the ear to the tip of the toes, so as to stimulate each of their cells. And vice versa. At the end of this quarter of an hour, some couples no longer even need to shift into high gear to get their bearings.

Keep your eyes open


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This avoids objectifying the other, which is very common in couples. “To open your eyes is to be together ”, underlines the specialist. If you have any judgmental thoughts, let them go. There should be no shame, embarrassment or fear of ridicule between you at this time. Elodie Dulac adds: " Looking at yourself is an act of love ", and recommends looking your partner in the eye to see what emanates from him.

Let yourself be guided by SUBTLE energy

In practice, forget everything you know about the other's body, abandon your old routine, and let your hands move spontaneously . They are in control, not your mind. According to the expert, “ the bodies themselves know where to go ”. Observe your gestures without ever trying to control them.

Benefit of the operation? With each report, the experience turns out to be completely new.

And don't forget that every corner of your partner's body can be erogenous ...

Caress it without touching it

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You do not believe in it ? Elodie Dulac nevertheless affirms that “ sensitive people can feel touchless caresses at 10, 20 or even 30 cm away ”. Once again, don't set a goal. Let yourself go and listen to your feelings . For the rest, the specialist recalls “ that it is up to everyone to do their own experiences ”.

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Thanks to Elodie Dulac , sophrologist and practitioner in energy treatments and massages at Espace Sayya .


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