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Pure And Paint

Ecology and sustainable development have never been so  prevailing… And in terms of decoration, it can quickly become a big hassle, especially when the paints contain agents, particularly polluting and toxic in apartments…

Phew! Pure and Paint, a super avant-garde natural and vegetal label, has taken a specific stand and is offering ranges that are both sustainable and in highly desirable colours, a far range from organic paints with really depressing colours…

The heart and green assets of Pure and Paint

Manufactured in France, comprising 95% of natural materials including colza oil stemming from biological agriculture, all classified A+ ( limited VOC emissions), all washable and at 97% bio degradable. These sustainably chic colours are creating a revolution amongst decorators and Parisiennes of good taste! We actually used them for the new offices of doitinparis in the Marais - aka l’Appartement de la Parisienne.

As for the palette of nuances, you can find all the singular and chic colours and overtones, cherished by A.D. designers and stylists. From rosewood with a power effect including Carbon… On sent déjà que vous allez repeindre votre appart’ !

We adore: the “depolluting brand” with its anti-static proprieties that reduce the development of dust mites. All those with allergy issues will love it.

Where to find it? Don’t hesitate to mention as point of sale, Les Heures Maison, a concept store at the metro stop Porte de Vincennes.  Marie Meltz gives excellent advice and she often comes visit her clients.

Aux Heures Maison, 1 rue de l’Amiral Courbet 94160 Saint-Mandé - 09 81 90 08 28.

Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30am to 7:30pm and on Sunday from 10:30am to 1:30pm

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