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You have just arrived on your holiday spot, but your rental or your AirBnb house does not match (at all) the photo. In short: your trip is not off to a good start.

Fuddy-duddy, dusty interior, tiny flat or broken bed, we have thought of a few tips and indispensable accessories to quickly pimp all this by giving a chic and trendy look to an interior that has not kept its initial promises.

Go for a jungle fabric

Pack in your suitcases one or two XXL tablecloths with a jungle print featuring palm trees or pink flamingos from Thevenon or Madura. A condensation of coolitude and Miami Style that can be used to cover up an ugly table, a sofa in poor taste or replace a ratty bedcover. No regrets.

Create an extra room

You often need an extra XXL bed for pals who drop by on holiday (or to squat when staying with friends). The latest deluxe Prem’Air intex air bed (the best, count 90€)  for two persons transforms any living room into an “an extra” space for a couple as  comfortable as a normal bed… It’s inflatable and deflates super easily the next day.

Dare to set aside

If a decor gives you the blues, get rid of it ! Roll up the carpet behind the sofa, take down the horrible clown painting and slip into a specific drawer all the nicnacs that are not to your taste (cross, porcelain doll, doilies). You will immediately feel better.

Whip out fruit and flowers

Copy trendy instagramers and display your market in your living room and kitchen... Nothing like a plate filled with nice peaches in a corner and a salad bowl with nice tomatoes to pep up your decor. Invest in a basil, mint or chive plant for a chic bucolic touch.  And to perfect the ambiance, go pick (or buy at the florist)  3 country flowers to slip in a glass. That’s all there is to it.

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