The graphic carpet is the new wallpaper!

Tapis Deco

One thing is now for sure, to stand out in terms of decoration, Parisiennes will now have to wager on the most beautiful carpet.

Forget the one with the Bohemian spirit brought back from far-flung travels in your suitcase. And mostly, banish the patchwork of ethnic carpets in the living room. This year, here are the three marching orders to adopt: colour, graphics and originality. 100% design. In a rather XXL format, even round or oval, it can be hung on the wall quite like the large tapestries going back to the Middle Ages. Always soft and cosy, mostly it takes over the place of a painting and recalls great artistic movements from Cubism to total abstraction including the geometric option.

Your carpet can be chosen like a trendy outfit that appealed to you in a flash. Ready to break your piggy bank? Careful when it comes to the faux pas design. Choose the one that corresponds the best to your tastes.

Kid’s drawing

tapis fusion couleurs

Like a child’s collage between a cottony cloud, big rain drops and a ray of sun. Souvenirs, souvenirs...

Doftranka carpet, Ikea, €,39.95, available in shops

Fusion of colour

tapis dessin enfant

From vermillion red to burgundy including pale pink, the colour is dilated in an asymmetrical oval. Just like on the palette of an artist.

Jane carpet by Pauline Gilain, Hartô, €799

Head in the clouds

tapis nuages

Heaven, the sea, algae? Everything intermingles into a duck blue as well as beige and mauve overtones that feel like a balm.

Marble carpet, Kilombo Rugs, €1275

Playful optics

tapis tropiques

Supermundane, one of the leading London graphist signs a work of art at Quite simply.

Supermundane carpet,, €399

Architectural shape

tapis architecturale

You will need to set aside some savings in order to afford this allegory of Venice that recalls the porticos of the city featuring pastel colours. But it’s a small jewel to have at your feet.

Sottovolto carpet, Portego, €2600

Under the colourful tropics

tapis jeux optique

Here is the best carpet option that will make you forget grey skies and bring to your home a small vegetal paradise.

Kilim Hojas de otono, Kilombo Rugs, €595

Geometry story

tapis geometrie

In pastel hues, shapes mingle without ever running into one another. We set it aside for a Scandinavian spirit.

Landart, Mapoésie, €550

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