The most chic tea time on the left bank

Pont Royal

Once upon a time there was the Hôtel du Pont Royal … HQ of writers and neighboring publishing houses , the mythical bar which stood in the basement at the time saw all the literary gratin in incognito mode, from Romain Gary to Jean Paul Sartre via Simone de Beauvoir .

Still imbued with an atmosphere that is both chill and intellectual , this surprising Germanopratine institution now offers a highly intimate afternoon tea in its library, next to the bar where the head bartender also offers exceptional cocktails . Are we taking you?

When it's tea time...

The appointment is made in the sublime library of the hotel, where you can leaf through beautiful books on art, fashion or architecture. Installed comfortably on a soft sofa in the middle of a wooded decor , this winter we discover this new amazing tea time . Pastry chef Carl Marletti, whose shop in the Latin Quarter is always full, has imagined a 5-star afternoon tea for the Hôtel du Pont Royal .

You choose your hot drink between a steaming Dammann Frères tea , a good coffee or a gourmet chocolate . All that remains is to choose your favorite sweetness from a Mont Blanc entremet , a chocolate nun, a millefeuille (the chef's signature dessert ), a lemon yuzu tart (only on Sundays) or a divine red fruit macaroon garnished with a rose cream , which you will tell us about. And to wash it all down, a delicious fresh detox juice with pineapple and passion fruit. We are fine.

Cherry on the cake : it won't cost you an arm and a leg! Count €35 per person with homemade fruit juice and a hot drink , €45 with a glass of champagne .

Christmas tea-time at the Hôtel Pont Royal , from Thursday to Sunday from 3 p.m.

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