Or maybe a night: Charlotte Pudlowski's podcast that inspired Camille Kouchner

Ou Peut Etre Une Nuit

10% is the percentage of French people who say they have been victims of incest according to an Ipsos poll in November 2020. If in fact the absolute ban turns out to be massive, it is nonetheless taboo, as evidenced by Camille Kouchner in her shock book La Familia Grande (ed. Seuil), in which Bernard Kouchner's daughter denounces the incest allegedly suffered by her twin brother, victim of their stepfather, the political scientist Olivier Duhamel . A case that already arises from the testimonies of victims via the new hashtag #MeeTooInceste .

Acts passed in silence for more than 30 years. Why is this heavy secret so rarely uncovered within families? Louie Media journalist and co-founder Charlotte Pudlowski leads the investigation and opens the debate in the podcast Or Maybe One Night , to listen to without delay.

Incest, a massive phenomenon that we can no longer ignore

Podcast "ou peut-être une nuit" de Charlotte Pudlowski

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The figures are alarming, appalling, chilling. Of the 30 students in a CM2 class, 3 children are said to be raped by a relative. Charlotte Pudlowski became interested in incest after learning that her own mother had been abused as a child by her father.

In the series Or maybe a night , she is interested in the silence that remains despite the number of people involved. Why this silence ? How do the aggressors, overwhelmingly men, manage to muzzle their victims and the witnesses of their acts? What impact does this heavy secret have on the victim, on his relatives and on the following generations?

Shame, traumatic shock, guilt ... Over the course of 6 episodes, the journalist dissects the psychological mechanisms surrounding incest thanks to the insight of a sociologist and a psychoanalyst and rare testimonies from victims , including her mother. The youngest of them was barely 2 years old when her father began to abuse her.

The series ends with a round table discussion with specialists on the subject: Isabelle Aubry, founder and president of the association Face à l'Inceste , Murielle Salmona, psychalanyst and Eva Thomas, defender of women's and children's rights. Goal ? Find concrete means of action against incest. It starts with knowing how to spot certain signals in children, such as a change in behavior, eating disorders or school failure. They also explain how to make children feel confident to encourage them to talk about it. Now there is no question of being silent.

Or maybe one night a Louie Media podcast

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