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You always dreamed of being a restaurateur for just one day? Well the moment has come! This Saturday the 3rd edition of Restaurant Day will be taking place, organized par by the Finnish institute, this northern concept consists in opening your own restaurant for one day and serving your own recipes and culinary specialties!

How does it work? You cook your favorite little dishes, set up your own restaurant in a park, at home or even on the sidewalk for everyone to see and taste!

For the occasion, the Nami café of the Finnish Institute will morph into a pop-up bar in a park of the 5th arrondissement and allow you to discover the sima, a typically Finnish drink made with fermented sugar and lemon, very appreciated during Spring picnics!

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Where to find it?

Institut finlandais

60, rue des Écoles

75005 Paris

07 68 44 07 66

Maubert-mutualite Maubert-mutualite

Cluny-la Sorbonne Cluny-la Sorbonne

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