The recipe book of a Top Chef

Le Livre De Recettes De Cyrille Zen

His famous porcupine pear dessert got a great buzz and titillated our taste buds, Cyrille Zen, the very pleasnt finalist of Top Chef has just published his recipe book.

The young star chef, for whom cooking is sharing de, unveils his 40 recipes inspired by solid earthy products which he reinterprets in his own way such as the pâté Inside a crust, glazed beef with Auvergne wine, foie gras and cèpes mushrooms or his quail with honey and spices.

He also dares the most audacious combos of tastes : red fruit with duck, coconut milke enhances the taste of panned scallops and the famous Opéra cake is revisited with pineapple and Szechuan pepper.

Cyrille Zen, Editions Tournez la Page, 27 €

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