The essential pieces (without going broke) for a stylish winter atmosphere

Decorative trends Leroy Merlin noel 2019 with copper brass, beautiful blue velvet, powdery lights and natural materials

When winter settles in, the living room becomes the H.Q. for our long evenings. And it’s just when one is in the mood to enhance the decoration of our home sweet home, treating ourselves to a very instagramable Parisian style while stalking the accounts of Sarah Lavoine and other designers a little too expensive for us. #toobad

Good news for tight budgets. Here is a top selection of desirable cool objects and the latest stylish trends to pick up this winter at Leroy Merlin. Coppery brass, handsome blueish velvet, powdery lights and natural materials… The new chic of the Parisienne, in 3 lessons.

A new elegance

Chic Paradise Leroy Merlin Collection with lush wallpapers, velvet sofas and cushions, beveled mirrors, subdued lighting

Deluxe wall papers, sofas and cushions in velvet, bevelled mirrors, dimmed light… The it-girls dream of it, the Chic Paradise collection knows how to blend the elegance of shaded blue with the softness of old pink, on prints featuring just the right dose of wild.

The heart throb pieces:

Blue, ochre and brick vinyl unwoven wallpaper, with a very retro inspiration (€15.90 per panel).

Triangle mirrors , like a rear view mirror, to be accumulated without moderation (€49.90 per mirror).

A precious pink luminary, all in transparency and poetry, in the image of Vanity Boum marvels (€129.90).

A natural spirit

natural spirit inspired by the Scandinavian decor with jute carpets, bamboo mirrors, cane lamps and shapes, materials and colors purified.

A burlap carpet, bamboo mirror, caned lamp—streamlined shapes and colours… Scandinavian decoration, in the hygge spirit, is no longer the subject. Natural fabrics have taken over and partake more and more, for our greatest pleasure, at the heart of all the rooms in the house.

The heart throb pieces:

A very rounded-out minimalist carpet, in woven burlap, to place near the sofa


A round mirror in bamboo, to hang facing a window that will increase your space with it soft luminous reflections (€19.90).

A natural lamp with caning for a country look. The chic touch? Small black piping on the ends (€49.90).

Think pink

Powder pink Leroy Merlin collection with a black and white photograph, a pink velvet cushion and a small smoked glass lamp

We found it on the stands of Maison & Objet and amongst the latest fashion obsessions of trendy Parisiennes... More than ever this year, pink is the new hot colour. Leroy Merlin showcases the monochrome trend with delicacy and signs a terrific powdery pink collection, punctuated with black and white along with coppery lines and curves.

The heart throb pieces:

A framed black and white photography , in wood fiber, of vintage inspiration, to deck out your living room (€69.90).

An all-pink quilted velvet cushion cushion , as comfy as it is stylish (€9.90).

A small lamp in smoked glass and brass conveying a very warm light (€42.90).

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