Les Boudeuses, the cool HQ in Sentier

Les Boudeuses

Rushed lunches, crazy sprint before the shops close… Like us, Clothilde knows all about the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. With Les Boudeuses, things have changed Forget rushing around the city. Here, you can get all your shopping done in the chill atmosphere of a stylish Sentier loft, with a small corner for a quick drink and a make up space (€15 for 15 minutes). When pleasant and useful go hand in hand.

Pull out your list. A printed blouse signed Soi Paris for your mom (€95). Check. A cactus nestled in a vintage ceramic pot by The Blond Cactus for your sister (€48). Check. Kalios olive oil for your Dad whose an aspiring Top Chef (€16,50). Check. Quintus & Hortus socks for your kid brother (€3). Check. An origami Elo Deco Atelier painting to decorate the room of your godchild (€23). Check.

And while you are there, nothing stops you from going home with a vintage wicker armchair for your living room or a Jean Jacques denim jacket customized in your name!

And for all those who are stressed out, office yoga sessions (on a chair) are planned on the 11th and 18th of December at 12.45pm (€6 by reservation). Namasté!

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Where to find it?

Les Boudeuses

87, rue d’Aboukir

75002 Paris


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Sentier Sentier

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