The bistronomic that is shaking up Montmartre

Interior ambiance and dishes of green cabbage with citrus and roasted pumpkins from the restaurant Les Petits Cousins

La butte Montmartre was frankly lacking a chill and amusing address sending out nice bistronomic dishes, a far cry from the tourist traps in the area. Well, it seems Les Petits Cousins is the answer—a brand new restaurant in keeping with the times, installed at the foot of the funiculaire.

The owner, former war correspondent reconverted into a real foodie… imagines here his restaurant of buddies in a decor filled with nooks and crannies between design luminaries, panoramic wallpaper, free stones and a pretty parquet floor. A perfect spot for a tapas happy hour or an evening on the town with the gang, under the supervision of the local star: the Rolls of ham slicers.

A top notch cuisine

Emmanuel Perrot, disciple of Pierre Gagnaire, signs a very modern cuisine that highlights traditional bistro dishes: soupe à l’oignon gratinée with old comté cheese (€9), braised pig shank and aligot (€19), pan fried Saint-Jacques, green cabbage with citrus fruit and braised pumpkins (€25) or amazing sweetbreads panned with hazelnuts, chard chestnuts and cèpes mushrooms (€34).

And let’s not forget the terrific desserts with tea custard, apple, pear and panais chips (€8) along with the chocolate delight, glazed quince and chestnut mousse (€11). And to wash it all down, a nice selection of natural or biodynamic wines that will be chosen for us eyes closed.

To be noted also: the lunch menu on the slate (€20) and the all you can eat brunch on Saturday and Sunday (€35).

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-2am, Sunday 10am-4pm.

© Les Petits Cousins


Also discover a very private champagne cellar in the Marais and Maquii bistrot.

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