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Lolo Cave A Manger Paris

The Place : After their bustling wine bar, Loic Minel - aka Lolo - and Christophe Juville, the mastermind behind popular chef canteens Spok, have opened their bistro in the vibrant 9th arrondissement. Our hearts are torn between the two addresses, so why not start with an aperitif in one and continue the culinary festivities with a 10-minute walk? In the evening, the place comes alive, the speakers pump out music, and the shareable plates are paired with natural wines. In these two cozy spots designed by Atelier Calcaire, the interior design studio of Jeremy Chaillou and Christophe Juville - once again! - you feel as comfortable as at home, with a view of the kitchen as an added bonus.

The Plates : Remember this name: Zac Gannat. This former member of Grégory Marchand's team (Frenchie Covent Garden & Pigalle) first made a name for himself at the wine bar, which just celebrated its third anniversary, before handing over the reins to talented chef Maud Saddok. Aware of their chef's talent, the two owners entrusted him with the kitchen at Lolo Bistrot, where he expresses his unbridled creativity with land and sea ingredients. Here, pork is paired with mussels, chicken wings are served with trout eggs, flatbread combines clams and burrata (€14) and the Scotch egg is accompanied by a spicy 'nduja sausage (€11). The chef also creates astonishing culinary masterpieces with omelettes and pasta.

Drinks : Freedom is key when it comes to the wine list and bistro menu! No strict food and wine pairings, so you'll need to let go and trust the expert advice. French natural winemakers dominate the list to reduce the carbon footprint. And the prices remain reasonable: a Chenin from the Vaillant family at €36 a bottle, or a La Sorga at €46, it's almost a steal! Not to mention the little gems always handpicked by Lolo, of course!

Lolo Bistrot, 53 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris 9th. Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday by reservation.

Lolo Cave à Manger, 12 Rue Châteaudun, Paris 9th. Open from Monday to Saturday, 7pm to midnight, no reservation required.

© Valentin Le Cron

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