Marclee, dim sum bar and crazy cocktails

Marclee interior room

Based on the model of an izakaya, ultra trendy bar in Japan, this Asian pocket counter produces fusion nibbles, assorted with bewitching saké cocktails to sip until 2am (Thursday to Saturday).

In short, the ideal place for an “In the mood for love” underground evening. The hypnotic mural fresco featuring psychedelic mangas sets the tone.

On the menu, a pretty selection of far flung influences: dim sum (starting at 7€), gyoza (fried Japanese raviolis starting at 8€), yakisobas (Japanese buckwheat noodles, sautéed in a wok, starting at 12€)… And a fantastic Rossini crying tiger that will make you roar with pleasure (25€) with a refreshing basket of veggie vegetables (7€)! And if you have a sweet tooth, frosty mochis (stuffed sticky rice balls) in flavors such as cherry blossom, litchi and matcha (9€).

In terms of liquid, Japanese rice alcohol is in the spotlight, diluted into stunning potions: Kiss of a Geisha (saké, lemon juice, basil, raspberry syrup, cranberry, liqueur of green tea, 12€), dynasty Mojito (saké, biodynamic champagne, fresh mint, 13€). Sparkling saké served in a champagne glass is also fun along with Japanese whiskeys up to 17 years of age;

Hurray, soon a brunch every Sunday.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 2:30pm and from 7pm to 10pm, until 2am on Thursday and Saturday.

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Where to find it?


10, rue Saulnier

75009 Paris

01 47 70 50 88

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