The new infallible sexual technique to get it right

Coconut Sexo


Where does this stuff come from?


Nothing, but nothing to do with the Malibu pineapple. Initially, the coconut method was born, as often, from a challenge launched on social networks. According to the Kenyan Post , it is on a Facebook group of women that, the conversation revolving around what to do when you are above (when your thighs hurt and you quickly get bored) , one of the members launched the idea. Write “ COCONUT ” with your hips on your partner. Letter to letter, languidly. “ You will thank me ”, adds the one who seems to have tested her technique with happiness. After a barrage of lols, flaming pictographs and blushing emojis, the advice finally went viral. And the “ coconut method launched.

Why is it not so stupid?

Because beyond a skillfully marketed method (trendy fruit, cool name, intriguing and easy to remember), it allows us to return to the basics of kif. Or, to focus on our slow movements, to focus on our feelings, here and now, as we visualize a waterfall in meditation to prevent our thoughts from going all over the place.

Last but not least , the Coconut method saves us from the plop of a back-and-forth boring when we have lost inspiration. The design of each letter deliciously caresses our vaginal wall , which is not so often, offers our partner a hip roll test in a new direction and to us a sensory rediscovery that could well make us reconnect with the position of the Andromache , the most pungent. Did you already love the two-in-one thigh muscle building / sensory pleasure? Do your squatting fruit spelling, and say goodbye to the gym.

How do we get out of it?

Okay, let's be honest, you're not going to write “ coconut ” sitting on a penis all your life. So vary the positions . In Amazon , it also works very well. Your partner sits down too, and the coconut forward (switching the pen-to-paper roles can be okay). As a missionary , it is also trying, especially as the clitoris, in pole position, could appreciate these unusual and stimulating rotations. Ah, and then you can obviously test new words, first names (not that of your ex), sweet words, even try to make the other guess them as we did small with our index finger on one back. The coconut method, or the art of combining playfulness, pleasure and complicity.

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