The Bella Hadid beauty secret ? neurocosmetics

Scientific research has proven that the emotions and sensations we get from our creams and perfumes have a direct impact on the beauty of our skin. Let’s zoom in on this phenomenon that the cosmetic world calls neurocosmetics!


What is Neuroscience?

Charlotte Tilbury neurocosmetics

Whether you like it or not, the connection between our skin and brain is very real! The emotions triggered by our cosmetics—be it their scent, texture, or finish—directly affect our skin through nerve connections. These nerve fibers, described as “intra-epidermal,” secrete neurotransmitters such as endorphins (the happiness hormone). This is crucial because these neurotransmitters help relax facial muscles and smooth out wrinkles. Neurocosmetic ingredients that can stimulate our emotions include various mushrooms, plant stem cells, and marine algae.

Cosmetic market players have recognized the importance of emotions and increasingly offer new lines or products dedicated to this. Recently, Charlotte Tilbury has joined this trend by launching her new Charlotte Collection of Emotions, featuring six neuro-compatible fragrances (Love Frequency, More Sex, Joyphoria, Magic Energy, Calm Bliss, Cosmic Power).

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Bella Hadid’s Beauty Secret

Bella Hadid neurocosmetics

Bella Hadid, an iconic model and Gen Z’s favorite fashion personality, is a true enthusiast of this approach. The top model proudly embraces it with 'Ôrəbella, her first line of perfumes designed to enhance the aura of those who wear them, housed in ultra-fancy bottles resembling precious stones. What we love about this line? These are new-generation, bi-phase perfumes that you shake to get the perfect spritz. The two phases consist of essential oils and fragrance notes, combined with a nourishing base featuring snow mushrooms and a blend of five oils. The result: healthy, alcohol-free fragrances that boost the mind with essential oils and have a highly responsible composition that protects both skin and planet.

Reminder: This isn’t Bella’s first neuro-friendly brand. Since 2019, she has co-owned Kin Euphorics, a brand of non-alcoholic beverages with adaptogens and nootropics (to boost brain functions), including GABA, a naturally occurring substance with relaxing properties, and tyrosine, which helps manage stress and anxiety. Fun fact: This drink has helped Bella keep up with her numerous photo shoots and runway shows. And we definitely want to follow her lead.

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