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Ordumonde Prince Test

Tic, tac ... Time for marriage is approaching, with its share of stress, trouble with the in-laws and last-minute expenses. Panic on board! Not to mention that, on the organ side, everything is not really ready ...

Do you believe in karma ? With all those bad vibes , the wheel might just spin really fast and take you to Wonderland with just a few clicks.

Eight 100% Made in France labels have imagined Je (u) t'aime , a giant competition to help you organize the best day of your life.

From May 8 to 29, 2019, you can try to win a prize of 4,000 euros in gifts for your wedding ! Something to make your life completely easier and be able to enjoy it to the fullest until the big day. In short, the dream in technicolor ...

To grab

Cadeaux ordumonde incluant Une borne photo Cheerz, Des sachets de thé Le Beau Thé,  Une robe de mariée L’ Amusée Paris, Une décoration de mariage Les Mignonneries, Des alliances éthiques OR DU MONDE, Des biscuits à messages Shanty Biscuits, La location d’une voiture de collection avec Ouicar

- A chic wedding invitation created and printed by the Carteland wedding stationer (€ 500 gift voucher)

- A Cheerz photo terminal to immortalize the faces and hugs of your guests (€ 500 gift voucher)

- A sublime L 'Amusée Paris wedding dress to be a bomb on D-Day (500 € gift voucher)

- Le Beau Thé customizable tea bags to leave an original and refined memory to your guests (500 € gift voucher)

- An elegant and charming Les Mignonneries wedding decoration for the happiest day of your life (500 € gift voucher)

- OR DU MONDE ethical alliances in recycled gold to unite you for life with style and good conscience (500 € gift voucher)

- The rental of a vintage car with Ouicar to arrive and leave the ceremony like the princely couple that you are (500 € gift voucher)

- Shanty Biscuits devilishly Instagrammable message cookies with, for example, your wedding hashtag (#LuluEtLoulou) (500 € gift voucher)

Do you want to participate in this exceptional competition and win this incredible prize? Visit the Je (u) t'aime website from May 8 to 29, 2019. Prize draw on June 4, 2019.

Good luck to all !

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