Picnic, the new healthy label signed Ladurée

Picnic Laduree plate

As usual, Ladurée is filled with surprises. And when the famous macaroon label launches into healthy and gourmet snacking, it means that it is sprinkling a good dose of magic and style into the lunch break of Parisiennes.

Code name? Picnic! An ultra chic venue showcasing the must-haves of sweet-salty nibbles we dream about. Each product is fresh, seasonal, sustainable and sourced with the highest precision by Jean SEVEGNES, the executive chef for salted treats.

A la carte, everything that is sure to rejoice and appeal to the taste buds of urbanites, in detox or gourmet mode

Display of finger sandwiches with salmon, niçoise salads, quinoa, wild herbs and vegetables from the Picnic Laduree restaurant

Your taste buds are titillated? Veggie baskets ( €5,50), mini finger salmon or chicken sandwiches for no guilt pleasures (€2,40), fab salads such as the “niçoise” or “détox” with gravlax salmon, quinoas, wild herbs and vegetables  (€8,50), a purifying beet, pomegranate, pink grapefruit juice (€4,90) and highly desirable sandwiches such as pastrami, mayo, heart of lettuce ( €3).

And let’s not forget the sweet line thought out by Jean Seveignes: mini-macaroon (€2,10), granola fromage blanc (€3,80), éclair au chocolat (€5 ).

Where to find it? At the heart of Beaugrenelle, in a lovely gourmet setting...

Good news : Ladurée has organized a terrific delivery service in Paris and all over the suburban areas of La Défense, Neuilly, Aubervilliers, Courbevoie, Boulogne… (all the info on the site). Order at 11:30am, your lunch will be delivered in less than 90 minutes afterwards.

Open daily from 8:30am to  8:30 pm and from 9am to 7pm on Sunday. Delivery on www.laduree.fr

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Where to find it?

Ladurée Picnic

Paris Beaugrenelle - B Magnetic

75015 Paris

01 70 22 45 20


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