Psychology pointers for gourmets

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Tell me what’s your favorite cake and I’ll tell you who you are! Here is the concept of this amusing book where desserts serve as personality revealers.

Thus, we learn that those who are wild about the Mont-Blanc (preferably labeled Angélina) are snobs, that cheesecake addicts are quite shy and that to swallow puff pastry chouquettes compulsively until the last sprinkle of sugar, is symptomatic of being hyperactive…

Cake psychology, or how our sweet sins betray our secrets!

Macaroon, Saint-Honoré, lemon pie… Just make your diagnosis.

Tops: the recipes at the end of the book that will enable you to express openly your personality!

Psycho du gâteau

Texts Alice Mitterrand, photomontages Marion Dubier-Clark, illustrations Carlotta

Editions Chêne

160 pages, 19,90 €

written by

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