Save the date : a d dinner with Alain Milliat

Save The Date Un Diner Avec Alain Milliat

Quickly reserve your dinner at Alain Milliat on Wednesday 15 May. The fruit juice maestro will be personally hosting in gastronomy setting.

His new concept ? « Les Tables d’Hôtes ».

The idea? Meeting a craftsman of the gastronomic universe and discovering his know-how around a delicious meal between happy few.

This first dinner will be orchestrated by the master of the place who supplies les palaces and high-end Parisian with fruit juices and divine nectars. Alain Milliat will make us taste his latest creations such as the litchi nectar or the rhubarb juice. More surprising to accompany the meal, a trio of raisins, fruity drinks that remind one of wine aromas.

Of note: for the next edition, on Wednesday 3 July, Billecart- Salmo champagnes will be the star guests at the communal table!

Dîner Table d’Hôtes with Alain Milliat, on Wednesday 15 May 2013

starter/dish/cheese/dessert, wine not included: 38 €

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Where to find it?

Alain Milliat

159, rue de Grenelle

75007 Paris

Ecole Militaire Ecole Militaire

La Tour-maubourg La Tour-maubourg

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