The secret roof of Clasico Argentino

Clasico argentino rooftop

Le lieu. Passage des Panoramas, highly trendy HQ next to the Grands Boulevards where Clasico Argentino has just opened its latest address with the same winning recipe: empanadas, 100% porn food with cheese, veggies, sausage, tuna or beef and et helados, divine Argentine ice creams. This time, the small trendy cantina is offering a secret and super-romantic mini-rooftop for a dozen persons. A must.

The good moment. At lunch time, for a quick tan (15€ the empanada-dessert formula) if you arrive early. In the evening you must present your member card to go on the rooftop. You don’t have it? Phew, you can sign up for free right there before going up for an empanadas and beer happy hour (5€) or a glass of Malbec (5€)

Its heart asset: it is rare to be able to enjoy street food and glasses of wine at such cool prices on an exclusive rooftop in the middle of Paris. To be noted: calm in the name of the game. Think of testing their Dulce de Leche ice cream with milk jam for maximum voluptuousness.

With whom ? Gals with modest means or a slightly penniless target.

Also discover Le Fer à Cheval, the most stylish guinguette.

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Where to find it?

Clasico Argentino / Panoramas

6 passage des Panoramas

75002 Paris

09 80 97 76 62

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Richelieu-drouot Richelieu-drouot

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards

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