Sexo: do you know the sex pillow?

The Sexo Pillow for a fulfilled sexuality

Even if it means being confined, or curfewed, in short, to play your evenings at home, you might as well do it well. Did you make the closet of your couple's sex trips? Melt for the sex pillow which, with three times nothing, will offer you plenty of new indoor sensations.

What is the sex pillow?

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It is one of the best-selling online shopping sites. On the other side of the Atlantic, the sex pillow has already made a lot of followers among couples tired of testing new revolutionary positions and sex toys with lumbago to boot.

As the name suggests, sex is a sexual pillow pillow, or rather a hold (imagine a table that Operating Lever, a wedge of wood that fits under the foot too short ... You did?).

A US phenomenon

If you can obviously make a house with your own bedding or living room cushions (since you have the time, suddenly), it is preferable and very accessible to order one that will perfectly meet your needs. request, namely that of positioning our bodies exactly where they will receive the best pleasure.

In triangle shapes (for the most part), but also half-moon or teardrop, sex pillows, placed under certain parts of our anatomies, optimize penetration (ideal for humble penises) while reducing effort physical, and therefore by prolonging the duration of the kif.

The best positions to test

The ideal positions for Sexpillow are missionary, doggy style, Andromache and half moon.

- As a missionary : we place it under our buttocks, “ pointed ” end towards the lower back, and we offer our partner a perfectly set objective for the rest of the program. Fans of the missionary legs in the air (or ankles on the shoulders) adore it (beware of the rear somersault, however).

- For a cunnilingus : one places oneself the same as for the missionary, and one offers oneself elegantly, in box mode, at a good height.

- Doggy style : we place our pillow under the belly, thick side towards the bottom of the body, and we lie down comfortably without having to arch non-stop so that our partner is not ejected at any time (ploc) and can even lie down too quietly on top of us. Long live slow sex .

- In Andromache (we on him): this time, we wedge the pillow under his buttocks so that his pelvis rises and the rest with it, and that we can sit perfectly on him, enjoy a maximum of material and print the perfect movements by reducing the effort.

- In half-moon mode (the pillow): lying on the sausage, it is the ideal partner for anal penetration, which perfectly positions the entrance concerned so that everything goes smoothly. You can also slide a clitoral stimulator between the cushion and yourself, just to double the pleasure without even using your hands.

Where to get supplies?

Convinced ? Go for the inflatable bestseller (€ 13.99), which you can slip discreetly under the mattress before the children disembark (and ask “ Ooooh, what is this buoy ?? ”).

Wanda Erotic Pillow

Or opt for the half-moon solution (€ 15.99), an integrable sex toy model or a hard massage cushion that you can even use to watch the TV (or have a massage for real).

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