The Electro show is making the Philharmonie vibrate

Electro Exhibition at the Philarmonie in Paris

Psychedelic house in the temple of classic music. You said impossible? Yet since the beginning of April, the Electro show is making the walls of the Philharmonie de Paris vibrate. Or how to give an aristocratic touch to a sound lots of people compare with “noise.”

Electro is in fact an amazing liberation of creativity, an exploration of unusual sound vistas and a real musical revolution born during the 80’s in Detroit and Chicago. Its purpose? Broadcast everywhere a festive sense, from New York to Berlin, including Ibiza, Paris, Los Angeles, Tunis and Rio.

A high-wire show

Giant nightclub with green lazer lights

Watch out your ears don’t pop! Welcome inside a giant and interactive nightclub with scaffolding structures, lights moving all over the place and heavy duty sound. It almost feels like being at the Berghain in Berlin. And how about that, a sculpture / model of the mythical club happens to be on display, amongst other works and relics such as photos, musical instruments, sound experiences, musical and visual installations. With, as red thread all along the venue, the immersive sound track imagined by star DJ Laurent Garnier.

To be noted: the “imaginary studio” by Jean-Michel Jarre and his collection of ultra-rare synthesizers, or the Daft Punk installation revealing (partially) the secrets of their aesthetics, inspired by their cult and off-the-wall clip Technologic. Buy it, use it, break it, fix it… The tune will stay in your mind.

Electro: a social role

Far from trying to turn their exploits into a heritage, the partner artists considered this exhibition as the logical prolongation of their creative commitment. Which proves that it is not a second zone phenomenon: electro music accompanied the digital revolution, incarnating a “harmonious fusion between man and machine” – pinpoint the organisers – becoming a major cultural trend.

But also and mostly, electro is displayed here in its purely political and claimant dimension. It is the one that notably enabled the creation of “safer places”, these enclaves sheltered from discriminations where minority communities gather (LGBTQ+ at the head) to party without any complexes. From this results a culture of the mask, worn as well by musicians and DJs as by the queer scene. Certain totally zany pieces, inspired by bondage, are on display.

The #WTF work

Daft Punk electro musique Expo

In the main hall of the exhibition, we take off in virtual reality for the incredible voyage provided by the electronic music producer Molécule, who travelled to Greenland in order the capture the nature sounds of the Great North. Quite a trip.

Electro Show, until the 11th of August 2019 at the temporary exhibition space of Philharmonie de Paris. Full rate €11. Information and reservations on

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