The adaptation of Foenkinos' masterpiece for the theater

Charlotte Theatre Du Rond Point Muriel Coulin

Do you know the story of Charlotte Salomon ? If you've ever read David Foenkinos' magnificent eponymous novel, the answer is yes. For you and the others, there is no excuse (especially not this polar cold) not to (re) discover the tragic fate of this young painter deported to Auschwitz . Good news, the adaptation of its story at the Théâtre du Rond-Point is breathtaking! Three good reasons to go see this play by Muriel Coulin .

The extraordinary destiny of an artist

roman prix Renaudot

Nothing better than a play to catch up with the cult books that have passed under our noses. In this adaptation of the novel Charlotte by David Foenkinos ( Renaudot Prize 2014), director and cinematographer Muriel Coulin revives the singular story of this young German Jew. When war and persecution against the Jews approached in Berlin , Charlotte , twenty years old in 1937, took refuge in painting.

To tell about her first love, the dramas of her story, her family and the world around her, the young woman wants to create “ Something Crazy and Singular ”. Sent to the south of France by her doctor father and her singer -in-law, Charlotte painted nearly a thousand scenes from her life in one year, accompanied by texts. She finally died in Auschwitz at the age of 26, after having entrusted her work to her doctor. The artistic power of Charlotte Salomon's paintings and words is enough to examine this shattered destiny that will never be forgotten.

A scenography with small onions

théâtre, peinture, musique, chant, bruitages et vidéos d'archives

By mixing theater, painting, music, singing, sound effects and archival videos, the staging of this powerful destiny is particularly dazzling. As if you were there, Charlotte is both narrator and actress of her story, from her birth to her death. In a skillfully put together setting in abyss, you will go with her to meet all the members of her family with a particularly tragic history. The gradual appearance of Charlotte's numerous paintings help to increase the dramatic power of this unforgettable piece. We won't tell you more: you still have many surprises to discover ...

Talented actors

comédienne dans le rôle de Charlotte

Hats off to Mélodie Richard , alias Charlotte in this piece, who amazes with her extraordinary performance. Already named to the Molière of the female revelation , the 34-year-old young woman who also embodied Bérénice de Racine last year, amazes by her ability to embody Charlotte from her early childhood until her death. The talent of other actors is not to be outdone: from Nathalie Richard who perfectly embodies the two women who will watch over Charlotte to Marie-Anne Mestre who embodies the half-depressed, half-mad grandmother, the intensity of the roles us immerse intensely in this gripping story.

From January 8 to February 3, 2019 at the Théâtre du Rond-Point

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