A devilish Panini happy hour

Apero Panini

Good news! The deluxe panini collective, Pressing, will be taking over for three days the XXL and ultra trendy terrace of La Passerelle run by the Perchoir team (the most hype rooftop of Paris) with highly revisited sandwiches..

At the helm, Simone Tondo and Yoni Saada, the two hot chefs of the moment have each imagined a gastronomic and ultra addictive Panini recipe for the occasion… totally wild! The result is a rather earth-sea/Italian-Greek touch with tapenade, tomatoes, feta and anchovies…  as well as a Med spirit with tuna, egg, black olives, arugula, basil. Each sandwich is served with raw veggies and fresh house farmer cheese, all for only 10€. So just order yourself a nice glass of wine!

We adore: the sweet panini with a choice of salty butter caramel or pink pralines served with pop-corn, 4€. Yummy.

When? From Thursday October the 1st to Saturday the 3rd, starting at 7pm

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