Passion vases: the 10 most stylish

Multiple curves and textures, the vase is a furiously desirable object, a new obsession with craftsmanship, decorative passion or downright design object.


This is the favorite vase of the moment. La DoubleJ got it right by creating a canon, floral and colorful print on beautiful handcrafted porcelain vases by Ancap , 100% made in Italy.

Result? “ Bubble vases , all round, with a hyper arty and elegant look. An incomparable balance between fashion and know-how.

La DoubleJ , at p. from 340 €.

Objeto Moderno

Le vase artisanal en verre au rose crémeux d'Hélène Rebelo D.A d'Objeto Moderno

It is under the tutelage of the fabulous DA, Hélène Rebelo , that Objeto Moderno was able to come to life. The principle ? Second hand items too good to quickly find the Insta account! Endless crush for this handcrafted creamy pink glass vase . Quick quick quick !

Modern Object , € 35.

Paola Paronetto

Les vases faits mains avec de l'argile et de pâte de papier de Paola Paronetto

What makes the charm of these vases is the atypical and personal process used by the Italian designer Paola Paronetto . The principle ? She works with what she calls " Paper Clay ", a mixture of clay and pulp .

Because imprecise hand gently in a past chromatic scale, from pastel pink to mustard yellow. It gives a result between the art object and the everyday object, halfway between the rigor of the Bauhaus spirit and the poetry of origami.

Paola Paronetto , at p. from 135 €.

Emmanuelle Roule

vases sculptés, entièrement faits main d’Emmanuelle Roule

It is the work of Emmanuelle Roule , the hyper talented Parisian ceramist , which is creating the buzz for Amélie Maison d'Art . Here, we focus on the most trendy material of the season, terracotta , enhanced by unique pieces with graphic and architectural shapes.

It gives: sculpted vases , entirely handmade, with incredible light effects, colors and textures. A winning combo for a raw, thoroughly spontaneous and incredibly poetic result.

Emmanuelle Roule , at p. from 370 €.

Singular Origin

Las vases en porcelaine, tradi chics, et les tissages fantaisie de chez Singulier Origine

A change of scenery for the sublime vases from the new brand we already love, Singulier Origine . A perfect mix between porcelain vases , traditionally chic, and the fancy weaves that dress them, all on French pieces in very limited series . Ultimate crush for the tissue library with graphic patterns , play of lines and textures, and playful colors.

Singulier Origine , à p. from € 80.

Decorative Objects

Le vase onirique en argile de Los Objetos Decorativos

We fall for this dreamlike clay vase in memory of the last days of summer (RIP). A sublime creation signed Los Objetos Decorativos , the Spanish brand of contemporary artisanal design that capsizes all hearts with its creations in soft colors and matte finish. Everyone is free to create the bouquet that will enhance the beauty of the object. Enough to mix land and sea brilliantly.

Los Objetos Decorativos , € 88.


Les vases en verre recyclé par Bettina Schori chez La Trésorerie

It is certainly the most desirable green gesture of the season, to come quickly to find in the Parisian decoration store La Trésorerie . These recycled glass vases made in Copenhagen by Bettina Schori , the queen of upcycling , are available in a mini version with the soliflores (€ 21.50) or XXL with the 34-liter demijohn (€ 75).

We love: the sleek, so chic design and the combination of the transparency of the glass and olive tints that create a natural color gradient, all in subtlety. To accompany a bouquet of dried flowers, too beautiful!

The Treasury , at p. from € 21.50.


Le vase céramiques en terre cuite et aux dessins contemporains signé LRNCE de Laurence Leenaert

For all Insta-addicts, it is impossible to miss this nugget straight from Morocco: a vase signed LRNCE , the ultra trendy decoration store which is all the rage on the networks. Hear: the know-how of terracotta ceramics mixed with the hyper-contemporary abstract designs of Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert , under the influence of the great names of Fauvism and surrealism such as Matisse or Picasso .

Result? A design that is both refined and arty, in the colors of the 60s, shot in desert landscapes. A good dose of dreams and a digest of talents in a small object of desire.

LRNCE , € 125.

Small Fry

Le vase Narciso de Giorgia Zanellato chez Petite Friture

The Narciso vase was born out of a student project by Giorgia Zanellato and plays on the perspectives and the myth of Narcissus. To do this, a mirror polish is incorporated in the vase and lets the veiled reflection of the bouquet shine through, kaleidoscope-style. Through her reflection, the designer offers a whole new perception of a common object, the vase, as an art picture. A canon way to highlight the content, the flower, more than the container, the vase, through an ultra graphic and poetic design.

Petite Friture , € 220.

Slang Studio

Le vase aux formes imprimées 3D d’Eimear Ryan chez Argot Studio

Behind this vase with feminine curves and a minimalist and contemporary look, hides the reflection of Eimear Ryan , Irish interior designer. It gives 3D printed shapes , between straight lines and sexy curves, in earthy colors, to enhance any bouquet. A must have at home for an even more comfy atmosphere .

Pssstt: we are told that his site should be online soon!

Argot Studio , price on request in mp.


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