Veal and asparagus with BBQ sauce

Tendron De Veau

The great light and ultra-savory recipe that we like to serve in the Spring!


Cook the veal for 10 minutes over a BBQ or on a warm grill. Remover immediately from the fire and baste with the barbecue sauce.

While the meat is cooking, remove the ends of the asparagus and cut the spring onions in half. Blanch for 4 minutes the asparagus in salty boiling water then allow to cool down.

Then grill the vegetables on the barbecue or on the grill.

Served the basted veal on a bed of green asparagus and grilled onions and pour a few drops of sauce barbecue.

The barbecue sauce

Melt the semi-salty salt with the finely chopped fresh ginger until you obtain a brown butter. Allow to cool down.

In a salad bowl, mix the soya sauce, the ketchup, the Worcester sauce, the fleur de sel salt and a dash of tabasco, then add the brown butter. Set aside.

Photo credit -Veau de la Pentecôte / J. C Amiel / O. Souksis Savanh


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600 g of veal flank (150 g / person)

400 g green asparagus

300 g fresh spring onions

Salt, pepper

For a barbecue sauce

20 g of fresh ginger

10 cl of sweet soya sauce

30 cl of ketchup

5 cl of Worcester sauce

Fleur de sel salt

Semi-salty butter

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