A fab brunch near the Canal !

La rotonde brunch

A new dream-team has taken over the amazing Rotonde Stalingrad and given it a real lifting. Great decor + new chef straight from Ducasse; it’s THE new address of the Parisian East Side to be checked out asap.

Tip-tops: the 25€ formula with super products ! As many soft drinks and fresh juices as you want+ cake and viennoiseries by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France to be spread with fresh butter, jams and organic honey + house granola. Just choose your place: eggs Benedict or unless you prefer the English breakfast.

We like: the brunch « à la carte » for small appetites or empty wallets. English breakfast (15€), burger-fries-coleslaw (15€) or pancakes (8€).

Wild: the huge waterfront terrace for « holiday in Paris » feeling.

waterfront terrace of Rotonde Stalingrad

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Where to find it?

La Rotonde Stalingrad

6-8 Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad

75019 Paris

01 80 48 33 40


Stalingrad Stalingrad

Jaurã‚âs Jaurã‚âs

Stalingrad Stalingrad

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