A wildly regionalist burger

Burger Plat with Grilled Eggplant, Salad, Dried Tomatoes and French Fries and Restaurant Ambiance

Big Fernand, the burger workshop we already spoke about is making a comeback with a second address on Montorgueil…

Their concept? Launch a 100% earthy fast-food in Frenchy Macdo mode with super good products, lemonade and cute servers wearing bérets and checkered shirts. Hipsters really dig this delicious snobbism!

The ultimate luxury of the house is being able to order your burger customized right in front of you.

Now just choose your meat: lamb, beef, chicken or veal, all free range. Answer the cheese question: goat, bleu d’Auvergne, tomme de Savoie, St Nectaire… Customize with a vegetable:  grilled eggplant, salad, dried tomato and whip up the sauce: the divine cocktail,  exciting white sauce or barbecue…

Tops also: home fries!

We like: an address opened non-stop on the weekend from noon to 10:30pm.

Burger + fries + drink formula = 14€.

Open Monday to Sunday from noon to 2:30 pm then from 7pm to 10:30pm.

Non-stop service on Saturday and Sunday.

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